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Sola, keeper of salt

Character  Sola

Well, I don't paint much - I'm way too impatient for that(says the person working 20+ hours poking a needle in wool). Though I adore the LoL Splash Art/Login-Screens way too much!

I'd love to animate this, or at least give it a try!
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a salt bender? very interesting! c:
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Love the lighting in this piece!
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Good morning friend, wow, amazing!!!!!!. 
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charming creature! the atmosphere is really nice, it's a bit mysterious ^^
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I like how the rabbit looks like he's just seen a friend he hasn't met in years
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Was the name intentional? Cause Sola means Salt in Polish,and you're German (i think),and there are a few similarities in our languages. idk,just curious ^^
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Alsolutely intentional! 8D My name-giving strategy is mostly typing in words in google translate and see what I can find haha! And yes, I'm german - it would've been "Salz" then.

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: D ,Thats a pretty cool way of naming characters,actually(Oof thank god i was right you're german,i would have been embarrassed if i got it wrong).
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This is so good, I'm getting dehydrated!
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Awesome job!
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Beautiful! I love your art so much, your characters are so amazing *v*
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GNN thank you so much! <3 ;^;

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Wow! This is super cute! 
I would love to see you animate this! It looks amazing :)
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Ahh thank you so much! <3 I'll give my best!

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