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Beadwork Tutorial

By ZimtHandmade
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Thank you all for the many comments, views and for your interest in my work! :heart:

Here's finally the beadwork tutorial you've been waiting for~
It's the first time I made a tutorial and I hope you can understand everything...I sorry for my bad english!
If you've got questions just ask me :)

Pattern for Bulbasaur: [link]
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Ich finde deine Arbeiten ja wahnsinnig toll. Woher beziehst du in Deutschland deine Perlen? Ich scheitere momentan daran, welche in den Läden zu finden.
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Vielen Dank! :)
Ich hatte lange das gleiche Problem, deshalb bin ich auf Online-Shops umgestiegen. Mein Favorit ist Perlen-Contor-Stricker.
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Danke für die zügige Antwort. Ich hatte mittlerweile in den Comments zu einem deiner anderen Post deine Empfehlung bereits gelesen.

Hast du ne Empfehlung für ein "Starterset"? Dein Deviant zur Farbauswahl hab ich schon gesehen. Aber ich dachte hier einfach an die Basics.

Sind 500 Stück / Farbe zu viel oder realistisch?

Man kann ja immer noch verfeinern. Aber als Grundstock denke ich wären: Weiß, Schwarz, Gelb, Orange, Rot, Lila Grün, Blau und Braun vermutlich ausreichend.

Wie hälst du bei den Perlen Ordnung? Sortierboxen/Koffer sind vermutlich auch zum Reingreifen leichter, oder?
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You're probably busy so I dunno if you'll read this, but I used your tutorial to help me make this cat!Black Cat by Sachiaoitori  
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Amazing work and a good tutorial.  Where did you find the storage container for you beads?  
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This is beadwork?  Is there a name for this 3D craft?
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Well in German it's 'Perlentiere' and I chose the name 'beadwork' in English. I don't think there is an official name for it though ...
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Perlentiere would be the name since that is an accepted name.
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This is nice, but I could never do this, lol.  Not bad though.
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hahaha derp, sorry I guess i just didn't go far enough. It becomes 3D if you keep going. The only issue is that I have HUGE gaps inbetween each of my rows. Any suggestions on how to prevent this? I think thats what was confusing me earlier. 
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Hi, This is a great tutorial, thank you so much for posting it and your patterns up!
I do have a question though, I'm still quite a beginner in this, so I'm sure its something I should know. And its kind of embarrasing that i can only follow till step 2 :blush: But after the first four beads are added, you've said that they next rows are alternating. How exactly does that work? I've tried playing around with different things, and so far I'm not getting anywhere, all i can make is a big mess. I suppose i could call it an abstract bulbasaur? :P  But I'd rather get it right :P 
Thanks for your time! I really admire your works
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do u like twist the side that's the part im confused with


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What do you mean exactly?
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like the sides look like zig zag I don't know do u have another totoria for like the Pikachu I never did those so I want to learn how to make one
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Sorry but I haven't made any other tutorials and I don't really know how to help right now ^^;
I'll make some other tutorials some time.
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it would help please and thank u it would be awesome
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You are amazing!!! :D
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how many turquoise beads?
and green beads?
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ooooooooh lovely!!
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