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If it exists there IS porn of it
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Don't know if thats how theyre spelling the new phrase but, meh. I care not. I wanted to say, THANK YOU ALL FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! i know its been weeks since my birthday, but it still made my day to see how many people we're kind enough to wish me a good day. ^_^ On another note; OMFG! Im so ready and pumped for the new TMNT show! I keep getting attacked by commercials and reminders. Bitch! I had that show ready to record two weeks ago. Thank god for Teevo. XD I admit i was a little worried, but after all the clips, information, and trailers. i really love the overall look and the characters and voices, ect. Plus that damn theme song
Yo! I miss you all very very VERY much. Long story short, my laptop got infected by a major virus and broke. I can still use the Internet and such but most of my programs, such as Photoshop, AIM, Itunes, and even my Windows media player have been fucked. Meaning NO drawings or even chatting with my buddies. Ive had to drop alot of projects, which i REALLY regret. Ive been trying to draw on my moms Photoshop, but its very difficult since its such an old Computer. Other than that, the only new things in my life are these precious vintage toys that my sweety gives me. I get one every week that we're together. Hes so sweet ^_^ Theres a bunch mo
Still kickin'
HOLY FUCK IM BACK FROM THE DEAD!!! To answer most of the messages ive recieved; Yes! im still drawing. No! im not quitting any of the fandoms. NO! I dont hate you guys! XD Seriously?! To make a long story short i recently got into a relationship, and its become very serious, plus alot of changes have been happening at work causing me to have to stay there longer and such, hence, no time for drawing and creeping around here. And when i do have time off, all i wanna do is be with my hubby, so yeah. I blame myself for a lack of dividing my time. But im back, cuz yeah, I REALLY MISSED YOU GUYS, and he's been kinda pushing me to start redrawing.
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dibandzimfans|Hobbyist Artist
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! bday emote 
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pamlaisly232|Hobbyist Writer
happy b-dayHave your cake and eat it too 
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Ah, before I forget! Happy Birthday from one of your new followers! May tomorrow (today, when you read this) be a great day for you filled with good vibes and great memories to look back on! 
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dondena|Hobbyist Writer
Happy birthday!
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Yaoipigglet|Student Writer
Happy Birthday
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Hi zims-lost-soul
I was wondering if I may use ur art in one of my videos for YouTube! :) (Smile) 
If not, it's fine really I understand if you don't want ur art to be shared a lot, especially on YouTube trust me I've been there Sweating a little... Sweating a little...  I just really like ur art and thought, "This really  cute! Heart  Can't wait to she what she does next!:happybounce: " and yeah still waiting but ya know being patient as I can Giggle Sweating a little... 
And if yes, I will absolutely give you credit and if you'd like, I could give you the link to the video once finished. Again if you don't want me to, it's fine.I am a dummy! ;) (Wink) 
Take ur time, to think about it no rush Meow :3  it's just been a while since I've post a video is all 
Thanks for taking the time to read this message! 
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What art in particular? 
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