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Gijinka Teahouse Set for sale ^^

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 16, 2013, 12:35 AM
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Welcome to the Gijinka Teahouse !

Gijinka Teahouse by zimra-art

Our selection of teas: Lemon, Cinnamon-Orange, Rooibos (red tea), Jasmin, Matcha, Mint.
Our pastries: Carrot Cake, Strawberry Cake, Rainbow Cake, Blueberry Pie, Religieuse, Sachertorte (Chocolate Cake)
Our first 50 customers will get an extra Caramel Candy ^^
(EDIT: less than 15 left)

Double Rainbow Cake all the way by zimra-art

12 cards (offset print, 350g/m2 paper, postcard sized)+ 1 numeroted for the first 50 + a cute packaging
10 euros + shipping fees.

Shipping without tracking nor insurance
- France : 1,85 euros
- UK : 4,10 euros
- USA : 5,90 euros
Send me a note to get a quote for other countries/tracking/insurance ^^


Private commissions

Status: Closed until I finished my very waiting list ^^

:iconcelesse: DONE Celesse's Neapolitan Girls by zimra-art
:iconjackpot-84: DONE Jo, pas ange gardien by zimra-art

:iconheliossa: DONE COMMISSION: Heliossa by zimra-art

:iconsandracreations: DONE waiting for paiement COMMISSION: Oracle and Gaellyx by zimra-art

:iconooneithoo: :iconchinomiko: :iconalice-bobbaji: :icondanni-stone:  :iconfabrissou:  :iconblind-fate: :iconteremiao: :icongarsedj:
For those on the list: send me the details of your commission if you haven't, I'm currently sketching as much as I can whenever I have a little time. Coincidentally, if you want out, tell me now before I sketch ^^;;;



MYTHO vol. 1 cover by zimra-art

My comic (only in french so far though): on amazon
France (…) and UK (…), at the "Marché du livre"… (Canda but they also deliver in the US and worldwide apparently)

<French signing:>

- Cultura Gennevilliers le 3 mars (Rutile + Zimra),
- Festival d'Igny les 9-10 mars (Rutile + Zimra),
- Festival de Thourotte les 16-17 mars (Zimra),
- Salon du livre de Paris les 23-24 mars (Rutile + Zimra),
- Salon de Moulins s/ Allier les 30-31 mars (Rutile + Zimra)


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Update ^^

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 2, 2012, 2:18 AM
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Helloooo !

I've been working so much on a single screen for so long that my eyesight is rapidly decreasing ^^; it *should* get better with the "eye gymnastic" I'll be starting in a couple weeks, but to tell you the truth I'll probably be scared until I'm sure it does help, so let me know if you have any suggestion on what I could do to get better in the meanwhile, thank yooou ;_;


MYTHO vol. 1 cover by zimra-art

My comic (only in french so far though) is on amazon
France (…) and UK (…)
and at the "Marché du livre" if you live in Canada… (they also deliver in the US and worldwide apparently)

I keep saying how we need all the signal boost we can get, and I can't tell you how true it is.

<French signing:> Si vous habitez en région parisienne, et que vous ne l'avez pas encore acheté,  vous pourrez le choper avec une chouette double dédicace de la scénariste qui dessine kro bien et de moi-même, le vendredi 16 novembre à la très sympathique librairie Univers BD sur Paris…. Si vous l'avez déjà, pensez cadeaux de Noël ;p Enfin profitez-en, c'est pour le moment la seule date confirmée en région parisienne :/



COMMISSION: Yumi by zimra-art COMMISSION: Joseph by zimra-art COMMISSION: Isis by zimra-art COMMISSION: Aecha by zimra-art COMMISSION: Lime Aki by zimra-art COMMISSION: Saphyra by zimra-art COMMISSION : Callie by zimra-art


1. :iconcelesse: * 3 2. :iconjackpot-84:

*Waiting-a-lot-you've-been-warned-XD list*

1. :iconheliossa: * 7 2. :iconsandracreations: * 2 3. :iconooneithoo:

4. :iconchinomiko: 5. :iconalice-bobbaji: 6. :icondanni-stone: * 2

7. :iconfabrissou:  8. :iconblind-fate: * 2 9. :iconteremiao:

10. :icongarsedj:

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Today I decided to change my username to my current artist name, Zimra.
So I bought a premium membership because a premium membership is needed to change your username.
And then I learned my current artist name is already taken by someone who hasn't been on DA since 2006.

Aside from sharing how extremely stupid I am for not having checked it before, I'm writing this to pick your brains (braaaains): what username could I use ? it should be a variant of "zimra" + something, because the whole point is to be googlable, and not too silly because it is my professional name...

Thank you !
I just came back home, and I found your birthday wishes !

I also got amazing art from terrific artists, look, look ! :D
:iconfararden: Chami for Kiri by FarArden
:iconnicohitoride: Marimar by Nicohitoride

And icing on the birthday cake, :iconarmide: made a stamp for me ?!! *///*
Which reminded me of :iconjackpot-84:'s stamp for :iconchibilou: and I comic I think I forgot to share with the world: MYTHO stamp by JackPot-84

Again, thank you all, you are the best <3
I am finishing my current commission list and then I'll have to focus on my job, but I was asked if I could open a waiting list (waiting being the key word here, since I cannot give a time frame on when I'll be able to start working on them ^^), so if you don't mind waiting, you can MP me to be added on it ^^
Edit: I am going to be AFK for the next 2 weeks, but I'll answer as soon as I'm back :)

Commission details:

1. COMMISSION: Gwenegan by zimra-art
2. COMMISSION: Morckoor by zimra-art
3. COMMISSION: Yumi by zimra-art
4. COMMISSION: Joseph by zimra-art
5. COMMISSION: Isis by zimra-art COMMISSION: Aecha by zimra-art
6. COMMISSION: Lime Aki by zimra-art
7. COMMISSION: Saphyra by zimra-art
8. 2lovinuyasha * 2
9. :iconcelesse: * 3

10. :iconemyfolie:

11. :iconjackpot-84:

Waiting list:
1. :iconheliossa:

2. :iconsandracreations: * 2

3. :iconooneithoo:

4. :iconchinomiko:

5. :iconalice-bobbaji:

6. :icondanni-stone: * 2

7. :iconfabrissou:

8. :iconblind-fate: * 2

9. :iconteremiao:


Journal Entry: Fri Feb 10, 2012, 1:52 AM
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EDIT: commissions waiting list full, thank you ^^

Arsenic cutie mark by zimra-art

Life is being lifey, so I have unexpected expenses, which means it's commission time ^^

- File sent by e-mail, 300DPI, for private use only.
- Please be aware before ordering that I also have a looot of work (I'm drawing a pro comic, it's quite time consuming @_@), so you may have to wait for your picture, but I won't ask for paiement until I'm starting to work on it.
- Send me a note if everything is okay with you ^^
- 10 slots.

-Images envoyées par e-mail, en 300DPI, pour usage privé uniquement (non commercial)
-Comme j'ai beaucoup de travail sur ma BD pro avec des délais prioritaires, les commandes privées pourront prendre du temps, mais je ne demanderai pas le paiement avant de commencer à travailler dessus.
-Si tout ça vous va, envoyez moi une note ^^


- Sketch: 10€…
- Black and white: 15€
- Colors:
---> Flat with colored lines: 22€
MLP Gijinka: Applejack by zimra-art MLP Gijinka: Rarity by zimra-art MLP Gijinka: Rainbow Dash by zimra-art MLP Gijinka: Fluttershy by zimra-art MLP Gijinka: Twilight Sparkle by zimra-art
---> Shadows: 25€
Commission: Teana by zimra-art Commission: Sarias Blacksling by zimra-art Trust in Me by zimra-art
- n characters = n * price

*Semi-realistic : waist up sketches only : 15€…

In euros, via Paypal (ou par chèque pour les français ^^)

I think that's all ^^
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)

:iconsandracreations: * 2
:iconhappykittyplushies: * 2
:iconcelesse: * 3

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Stop the presses !

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 13, 2011, 1:56 AM
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News flash !

The lovely and super talented :iconangilram: gave me a sub ! go drool at her art, she kicks @$$, and in different styles to boot !

Mature Content

Becoming page 43 by Angilram
Valentine by Angilram Road Kamelot by Angilram

And the incredible :iconjackpot-84:, who's currently doing THE best serie of free "sketches" (by sketch, she means full colored arty gold goodness…) made a Mytho stamp MYTHO stamp by JackPot-84
:free sketch: Lanterne by JackPot-84 :free sketch: Doesaphine by JackPot-84 :free sketch: Shameeka by JackPot-84

Also, check those awesome fanarts we got… !
Gift - Anubis by KiraMizuno Anubis Mytho by lejellycat MYTHO - Badass Combo by Meishali

And last, but definitly not least, don't forget :iconkonekochijo:, she did quite a bunch of fanarts of our mischievous gang, but she never posted them on DA (unlike me she doesn't spam EVERY corner of the web with EVERY single pic she does XD), so go check her blog to marvel at her talent: !
Roller Derby by konekochijo Leia by konekochijo Halloween by konekochijo

Thank you all, dears <3

Mytho gallery on DA :
---------->… <------------
Facebook page :
---------->… <------------
tumblr :
Mytho Mytho Mythoooooo EVERYWHERRRRRE XD


Mytho with :iconchibilou:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 12:09 AM
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I am old

Thank you all for the birthday wishes (and birthday llamas ^3^) ! you guys are the sweetest !
I caught a cold to celebrate (in summer, and the first really sunny day in weeks, go figure) XD
I'm crawling back to my bed (with work of course, too much to do to lose any time).

The good news is, :iconchibilou: and I are going to start teasing about our comic Mytho… soon,
so if you don't want to miss the news, sketches, pages, pics of Teh most handsome man, and awesome fanarts we already got, follow the
Mytho Facebook page :

---------->… <------------

See you soon ! Take care ^3^


Mytho with :iconchibilou:
Bonus for the magazine:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 ||Storyboard||

# 16
# HS


Sky Village

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invading the internet

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 20, 2011, 3:06 PM
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I has TumblR and Twitter

Yeah...  I guess if you mean to get your art/message out there, you might as well be in the places-to-be, so I followed everyone there... but honestly, I'm not so sure of what I'll do with it ^^;

How about you, how do you use the different networks ? Do you post everything everywhere ? Or are you allergic to most networks ?

I figure TumblR will be for sketches (those very sketches I didn't have time for when I just had a blog and DA, but one can dream) ? Twitter... well, like Facebook, random midly interesting daily stuff and links to updates on other websites ?

You can tell by the copious amount of question marks and ellipsis that I'm quite lost, so drop by and follow me so I can follow you T3T


Mytho with :iconchibilou:
Bonus illustration:
Chapter 1.1
Chapter 1.2

# 15

Sky Village

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This week...

Journal Entry: Sun May 29, 2011, 10:33 AM
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This week...

... my niece egged my freshly inked pages, my ex-landlord called me saying he had forgotten to cash in a 1000 euros check from July 2010 (so *that* is why I manage to live on my salary =_=), I learned I had less time than I thought to draw the first 30 pages of my comic, the iPhone my boyfriend had lent me got stolen, a friend disappointed me, and I realize I was going to have to take charge of things I shouldn't have to deal alone with, since someone has to, and to my own surprise, I'm apparently the most responsible of the lot (I know, who would have thought).

Luckily for me, I have a good sense of humor, a software which can get rid of egg, and a boyfriend so sweet he didn't say anything about the phone being his.

Sadly for me, I'm going to need a truckload of money, which I don't have, and time which I already have unsufficient amount of.

... then again, no phone = no call, no money=no shopping nor cooking... there ! time saved !

</useless rant>, but one needs to vent occasionnally.


Mytho with :iconchibilou:
Chapter 1.1
Chapter 1.2

# 15

Sky Village

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Journal Entry: Sat May 7, 2011, 7:49 AM
:iconchibilou: is doing commissions… ! go take advantage of her, right now !



Journal Entry: Tue Feb 8, 2011, 9:44 AM
:iconchibilou: and I just signed the contract for our comic Mytho
Mytho cover by zimra-art Mytho: Chara design part 1 by zimra-art Mytho page 01 by zimra-art Mytho page 02 by zimra-art Mytho page 03 by zimra-art Mytho page 04 by zimra-art

I still can't believe it, so I'm basically spamming the internet until I'm sure it's not just a dream (my apologies to those who follow my blog and personal facebook and fanpage m-_-m).

I have a lot of work to finish before I can start drawing pages, but right now all I can do is stare at the contract, I'm completely useless.
But oh so happy !!!



Journal Entry: Sun Jan 30, 2011, 4:57 PM
I was tagged by :iconvirak: so here are 9 facts bout the OC she chose ^^

Colorblind by zimra-art Alternate reality by zimra-art Arsenic+grenade... not again ? by zimra-art…

1. Her real name is Chloe. Arsenic is a nickname journalists gave her after an expression the policeman in charge of catching her and her beau used.

2. She's got one blue eye and one brown because in the course of the story, I wanted to skip 10 years, and show her in a completely different setting, style, and name, so I thought this way she'd still be immediately identified.

3. She doesn't know her father. She used to fantasize about him being a Pirate Prince, forced to flee, and thought that's why she had one different eye, which had to magical or something, to help her father recognize her when he'd come back for her. Someday.

4. She's not the brightest of the bunch. Actually, forget the bunch, she's simply not bright.

5. She loves making up plans (and bossing people around).

6. You should NEVER follow them. Seriously. They will backfire, and unless you're a tall yummy white haired handsome piece of pure hot sexyness, she will abandon you behind to take the fall without remorse (and actually may even push you to make sure you do fall).

7. She listens to only ONE kind of music: hardcore metal with screamer instead of singer. (And Seal)

8. She broke her grandmother's heart when she was 9.

9. She will never admit it, but deep down she believes that somehow she was born rotten and broken and unlovable.

I tag:
:iconchinomiko: Cannelle (parce qu'elle est trop mimi ^^)
:iconangilram: Lily (parce que c'est ma chouchoute)
:iconliaze: Ziggy (parce qu'à force de le dessiner je veux tooout savoir sur lui XP)
:iconchibilou: Piki (mwhahahaha !)
:iconnephyla: Ellelünd (parce qu'elle m'intrigue et que je suis sûre que celle-là on te l'aura pas demandée XD)
..; and others but right now it's 2 am and my brain's been asleep for a couple hours so.. Zzzzzz


What's sub ?

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 2, 2011, 2:44 PM

I just realized someone offered me a subscription to DA !
Thank you, it's so nice ! don't hesitate to let me know who you are, so I can thank you less anonymously ^3^/



Journal Entry: Sun Dec 26, 2010, 1:30 PM
So... this year is about to end... how did it treat you ?

Actually, that's also how my previous journal started °_°;;

This year was intense and interesting to say the least. A lot of people around me got life changing (or more accurately evolving ?) events.

On the down side, I lost one of my battles, but lucky for me, it's the kind you can always decide to fight again. You get up, dust yourself up, and you know... just try again !
Also, I was hoping to clear my overdue to-do list before the end of the year, but in addition to work, I'm moving to another city, and it's more time consuming than I thought, so I still have 1 kiriban and 1 commish left.

Other than that... this year, I fell down a stair and got my first real scar that will probably never disappear, I guess that's age for you. But on the other hand I've started getting slowly rid of my emotional scars, and it feels good.

On a lighter note, I turned 30 several times, all of them awesome, discovered Misfits (great first season, the second one does not exist), got fabulous boots I can wear skirts in winter with, read books with funny voices to my niece, and was told by a stranger my coat was awesome.

And I am still surrounded by wonderful persons :)

I still have to figure out my New Year Resolutions... do you have suggestions ? what are yours ?



Journal Entry: Wed Dec 16, 2009, 5:14 AM
  • Reading: A game of Thrones
  • Watching: SUPERNATURAL ! the boys are back !
  • Playing: Haha... I don't have the time T-T
Many thanks to :iconangilram: for giving me a sub', you're the sweetest <3

Museum Horribilium Stamp by Angilram

So... this year is about to end... how did it treat you ?

2009 has proved to be a challenging one for me, tons of work, some personal extremely aweful stuff, and then a couple more tons work.

I realized I'm actually stronger and more balanced than I ever thought. Of course seeing you're surrounded by caring friends and a loving family helps a lot ^3^

Also, my niece started saying "Auntie". Which is awesome. I don't care if she says it to everyone XP

I moved out of the city I had been living in all my life.

I'm still crying over "legit Mininova".

Oh ! and I discovered online shopping and Etsy this year. And a Game of Thrones. And Rome. And nail polish made a come back in my life.

And I was gropped in a theatre by a stranger. Yuck.

... hmm... that's it, I think ?

Basically 2009 was kind of an inevitable bitch, but 2010 will be *my* bitch, wait and see :)

In the meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed for me, 2009 isn't over and I need all the luck I have left to meet my deadlines !


Prints !

Too cute:
Star Tea by zimra-art Poppy by zimra-art

Lovey Dovey:
See ? you love me by zimra-art Poisonned Mug by zimra-art Lovey Dovey by zimra-art

Rainbow Gals (3/7, 4 actually, I have to reaload Alice):
Snow-White by zimra-art ::Green:: by zimra-art ::Indigo:: by zimra-art

Fashion Week (3/7, 4 actually, I have to reaload the eighties):
EmoTional Mondays by zimra-art ::Harajuku Sundays:: by zimra-art ::ChiLdish WedneSdays:: by zimra-art

Chibi Zodiac ( ...1/12 ^^; ):
aries by zimra-art

::Evil Maid:: by zimra-art ::Evil Nurse:: by zimra-art

<a href="… target="_blank">Photobucket

The doll club


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 15, 2009, 11:55 AM
  • Reading: Marvel Divas !
  • Watching: SUPERNATURAL ! the boys are back !
  • Playing: Haha... I don't have the time T-T
I got a short subscription just to post the poll above (by the way, thanks to everyone who took time to participate <3), so I might as well use the features to pimp some of my homeys, am I right or am I right ?

- They're talented and taking commissions, so grab a spot before they realize they should charge more !

:iconkonekochijo: Joker by konekochijo Arsenic is a star by konekochijo
:iconchinomiko: Wcdonald by ChiNoMiko Chibi Inu by ChiNoMiko
:iconangilram: Chibi Rae Rogers by Angilram Valentine by Angilram

- And she's a-ma-zing, and deserves more pageviews, watchs, favs, praises, and offerings:

-And he's pretty good too, take a look:

- I'm an instant über fan of:

More pimpin' coming up, but right now I have to get back to work !

<a href="… target="_blank">Photobucket

The doll club

Term of Use for tubes, sigs, banners, ...

Journal Entry: Sat May 2, 2009, 2:35 PM
  • Watching: .. can't unwatch Wolverine, which sucks, like the
  • Playing: ... I wish T-T
  • Eating: a frakkin' lot XD
  • Drinking: ... not that much actually...
So, anyway, TOU of my art for sigs, "tubes", animation, buttons, banners, etc, etc... :

I no longer allow my art to be used, since my disclaimer about not using characters I don't own isn't respected.
Please update your sites, thank you !

As long as you
-add proper copyright = (c) Rachel Zimra (or just Zimra) + (or,
-obviously don't claim the art NOR the character as your own,
-don't use it for any commercial use of any kind, just use it privately,
-are ok with the fact that COMMISSIONS ARE OFF LIMITS (unless you have the requester's authorization),
-will check this journal to see if the authorization is still valid, before using pics again,

Let me stress, out of respect for the requester, that COMMISSIONS ARE OFF LIMITS (read the title and the description, if it is a commission, it is written).

then you can use my art, including for tube and animation :) it's actually very flattering and humbling at the same time, and I hope you'll find some of the pics inspiring ! feel free to send me a link from time to time, I may not answer right away (again, chaotic life and all), but it will brighten my day !

Thank you !

<a href="… target="_blank">Photobucket

The doll club

Long time no see, he ?

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 21, 2009, 4:27 AM
  • Playing: ... I wish T-T
  • Eating: a frakkin' lot XD
  • Drinking: ... not that much actually...
(edit: pour les frenchies, y'a un sondage en haut de la page ^^)

... well I'm still swamped, but on the bright side I have a feeling I'm going to lose my job, so I may have a lot more time soon -_-

In the meanwhile, I know I have a tag pending, and it does stain my digital soul, I know the day I'll have to weigh it against a computer chip, it'll be heavier and I'll end up being eaten by Pacmanammout U_U

I have good news to share though, I got to draw for a video game magazine, I'll post one of the pages once it's released, it was extremely stressful but pretty damn fun too ^^

All those commishes are over-overdue, I kind of lost control last summer and it does put me to shame (seriously, I am very sorry, I don't think my art is worth this wait and I am very grateful for your patience), but I am going to be able to do one per week from now on.
Biscuibear (Paper Doll) //1 outfit to redo... baby's hands are freaklishly strong T-T//
Zabalou (2 charas /DA) //already paid//
Myriam (2 charas)

NIECE STATUS super cute, but currently trying out her strength on everyone's hair/eyes/clothes/pictures. Also curious about pictures taste T-T


:shop3379507: :shop3399307:

:shop692194: :shop1008612: :shop1418250:

:shop1270456: :shop1435172: :shop1431727:

:shop1975024: :shop2169751:

:shop358079: :shop358087:


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The doll club

Jouons zensemble !

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2008, 3:24 AM
  • Listening to: Ruby Brune
  • Reading: The Boys
  • Watching: The big Bang theory
  • Playing: ... I wish T-T
  • Eating: a frakkin' lot XD
  • Drinking: ... not that much actually...
French only, sorrrrry !

Contaminée par :iconorpheelin: ;D


Commentez ici et (on va dire pour les 5 premiers):

a) je vous dirai comment je vais ai connu, ainsi qu'une chose ou deux à propos d'une image de votre galerie OU je vous dirai pourquoi je vous ai ajouté à ma liste d'ami.
b) je vous associerai avec quelque chose - une chanson, une couleur, une photo, etc.
c) je vous parlerai d'une chose que j'aime chez vous
d) j'évoquerai un souvenir que j'ai de vous
e) je vous poserai la question que je meurs d'envie de vous poser
f) je vous dirai quelle est, parmi vos images, celle que je préfère
g) En échange, vous devez poster ceci dans votre journal. (obligé!)

<a href="… target="_blank">Photobucket

The doll club