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RQ: Zoro 2: Fixer Upper
For dgksyoaao on Wattpad
The crew watched in silence as they watched you scream at your boyfriend, they had never seen you this furious. Zoro was equally relentless as he yelled back, maybe not as loudly but his words held just as much sting.
Everyone was at a loss for words as they watch you break down while screaming, tears pooling up in your eyes. Luffy gets an idea on how to end the argument and pulls the rest of the crew together. Nami doesn't think it will work, but enjoys the idea of embarrassing Zoro and agrees.
Soon the sound of Brook's violin interrupts your argument, Zoro shoots a glare at the skeleton, who just laughs as Luffy walks over to the two of you.
What's the issue, dear?” Luffy starts singing, both you and Zoro stare at him, you more confused while Zoro still looks pissed.
Why are you holding back from such a man?” He continues singing, your trying to figure out what song he's singing while Zoro just huffs.
:iconkirakux:Kirakux 70 16
Star Gazing Edward x reader

      The wind blew lightly as (Name) looked into the starry, night sky. The stars reminded (Name) of diamonds glittering when light hits them, creating a shower of colors. 
   (Name) sighed softly and closed her (e/c) eyes, as she got in a more comfortable position. 
     Ed lay beside her with his hair undone mixing into (Name)'s (h/l) (h/c). His golden eyes looked into the night sky as well but, his mind lingered on other things. 
Like the battle scars that covered (Name)'s (s/c), or the way (Name)'s eyes would sparkle in the morning sun.
It was the small things he fell in love with, the little things that made (Name) the person she is. Like the proud glint that came into het eyes when she was right, or how she would blush at the smallest compliment she got. The way her smile and laugh could brighten up a room. The feeling that you could do anything in the world with her right by your side.
:iconelisa13456:Elisa13456 64 42
Turkey X Reader - Aladdin CH.8
Chapter 8 – A Whole New World
“Ah! Down kitty!” Turkey hopped back up onto the sill of the balcony, as (T/N) lunged at him. He took off his turban trying to brush him away, revealing his dark brown locks. “Good kitty, take off. Down kitty.”
“I think I’ve seen you from somewhere…” You said, sitting up. He quickly replaced the turban on his head from your comment.
“Uh, no, no.” He hurriedly replied.
“You remind me of someone I met in the marketplace.”
“The marketplace?” He nervously laughed and you saw a bee buzz around his head. “I have servants that go to the marketplace for me. Why I even have servants who go to the marketplace for my servants, so it couldn't have been me you met.”
“No, I guess not.” You said, adding in a disappointed huff.
“Um, Princess ___? You're very...” He trailed off for a second. “Punctual!”
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 76 13
Baby Talk (Hetalia x Reader)
Baby Talk (Hetalia x Reader)
*Warning; A little bit of swearing because Romano is in this :] Other than that hope you enjoy :3
~~~(Name POV)~~~
You were laid across Alfred’s sofa with your eyes shut as you listened to your friends bicker of god knows what, today you were all supposed to meet up and have fun and just hang out like friend are supposed to do but that seemed impossible with this lot.
Opening your eyes you looked around the room seeing Arthur and Francis arguing as usual while Russia watched them with a childlike smile and china just complained about how immature they were being, America was, amazingly, talking to his brother Matthew but it seemed like they were arguing too, something about which sport was better hockey or soccer.
Getting up you strolled into the kitchen finding Ludwig scolding Feliciano for making a mess as Romano hit Ludw
:iconrhythmicbeat:RhythmicBeat 1,655 809
Spamano Kisses by RebaTheKawaiiPotato
Mature content
Spamano Kisses :iconrebathekawaiipotato:RebaTheKawaiiPotato 3 0
Smile of joy Edward Elric X Reader Pocky
It was five in the afternoon. You were sitting on your couch, upside down. While you were doing that you were eating pocky, your favorite snack of the day. You always have Pocky at five in the afternoon, even if its before dinner. 
You never shared your pocky for a reason: 
People will ask for more... 
You heard a knock on the door. You sighed as you sat up right and walked towards your door. As soon as you opened the door Ed, ran in and closed the door behind him. His chest was moving up, down, up, and down. You put your hands on your hips as you chewed on your pocky, "What do you think your doing Ed?" He looked up at you and smiled, "Running away... from Al and Roy..." You looked at him as you dropped the pocky from your mouth in shock, "What did you do this time?!" 
"N-Nothing!! I swear!!" Ed said, as his eyes wondered toward your box of pocky on the table. You followed his stare, his stare was burning on your box of pocky... just burning. "You want some?" You sa
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 364 256
HetaVerse [DEMO] Download V2 by ThunderGirl-X HetaVerse [DEMO] Download V2 :iconthundergirl-x:ThunderGirl-X 167 172
Kankri X Reader ~ Tutor, Please? (Trigger Warning)
There you were, once again listening for the lectures of the ranting boy. 
   "Despite... Actually..." You could only catch fragments of his sentences. You stepped forward, attempting to maneuver your way through the people, but were thrown back. You landed on your butt. 
   "Ow..." Soon the warning bell rung, causing the people around you to disperse and more or less trample you. 
   After long enough, you were able to stand up without being pushed back down. You carefully lifted your things and looked at your watch. 
   I'll be late!
    You were planning on rushing off to your class--you were already failing it at this point--when you heard him sigh and mutter, "no one ever listens to me..."
    Maintaining a calm demeanor, you slowly walked towards him. 
    "I listen," you said simply, before the late bell rung and you ran off, apologizing and mentioning that you were already fail
:iconlonetaku:LoneTaku 797 407
Romano x Reader - Teddy Bear
“You’re sleeping with that thing again?”
The familiar voice of the Italian carried a disgruntled tone as you clambered onto bed, his words raspy from drowsiness as he cracked one eye open to look at you.
“There’s nothing wrong with it,” you retorted defensively, clutching the soft material of your teddy bear closer to your chest. “It helps me sleep. Really.”
His scoff wasn’t very subtle as Romano propped himself up with his elbows, eyes narrowed at the plush animal that was held in your arms.
You’d recently received the teddy bear from your mother who’d been digging through old belongings she had up in her attic. During her little adventure, your mother managed to recover an old teddy bear that used to belong to you, and without a moment's hesitation she instantly mailed it to you to help ‘keep in touch with your childhood’.
Initially, Romano had used it as a way to tease you, especially when you cuddl
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,024 186
Romano x Reader - How to say 'I Love You'
  "GODDAMMIT, DON'T SHOUT IN MY EAR _____!" the fuming Italian shouted as he bolted upright from his siesta. "Ugh, stupid ragazza..."
  "Don't use bad language in front of me, Lovi," you said teasingly. "And hey! I am not a stupid... whatever ragazza is!"
  "I'll use bad language whenever I want! And stop calling me Lovi!" Lovino growled, and then adding, "And ragazza means girl."
  "Fine," you huffed, crossing your arms as you feigned fake anger. As planned, Lovino immediately felt bad and you inwardly chuckled as he struggled with his words.
  "Look, I'm sorry for blowing up on you like that and for calling you a stupid girl," Lovino said with a light blush as he averted his eyes. "You aren't angry, are you?"
  You chuckled, throwing your arms around him. "Apology accepted, Lovi~! And you're so cute when you blush!"
  He groaned," So you were faking... A-And get off o-of me, ragazza! I'm not cute!"
  "Hm, let me t
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,337 431
Shanks X Reader: I'll Remind You
The easy going cool night breeze pushed along the ship of the Red Hair Pirates as you gazed over across the sparkling waters at the full moon that hung in the sky. Yet another perfect looking night on you captain’s ship, almost near midnight on the quiet deck.
“OI! ISLAND TO PORT BOW! LET’S HIT UP THE LOCAL TAVERN!” Someone called rather loudly, breaking the lovely silence as he burst through one of the doors on deck.
That was Shanks’ crew for you, always finding an excuse to drink when there was next to nothing to do. Turning around, you watched his crew pour out onto deck, wailing in excitement on the booze to come. You gazed around, scanning the group until you caught your captains eye amongst the yelling pirates. You gave him a stern look that read; “you aren’t seriously going to do this.” The smirk he issued back at you told you he was so following through, and you sighed, rolling your eyes in a slightly annoyed manner at his decisio
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 316 41
2P!Italy x Reader - Belle of the Bloody Ball Ch.2
Warning: 2P!Hetalia, so expect blood and creepy talk.
   You were a trade for mastermind Luciano Vargas. An evil man with odd colored eyes and a switchblade hobby for young women. When the law put him out of business with his partners in crime, he had no choice to yield to it or face prison. Since everyone is scared of him, no one dares to kill him. His new hobby of making a "contract", where he keeps a person for a week to be his servant, comes to you when you trade yourself for your little sister's place at Luciano's mansion. But Luciano feels something he never felt before. You are not just one of the girls that he's taken as a servant or killed before. Is this a sickness? Who is this mysterious man whose personality ranges from cold to killer? Will you live to find out?
"Good night, ___________." Lizzie said, hugging you on the stairs and going into her room.
   "Night, Liz." You called to her before going into your own room.
   You didn't get to sleep until late tha
:iconhorseandwolflover93:HorseandWolfLover93 229 74
2P! Italy x Reader - Belle of the Bloody Ball Ch.1
Warning: 2P!Hetalia, so expect blood and creepy talk.
   You were a trade for mastermind Luciano Vargas. An evil man with odd colored eyes and a switchblade hobby for young women. When the law put him out of business with his partners in crime, he had no choice to yield to it or face prison. Since everyone is scared of him, no one dares to kill him. His new hobby of making a "contract", where he keeps a person for a week to be his servant, comes to you when you trade yourself for your little sister's place at Luciano's mansion. But Luciano feels something he never felt before. You are not just one of the girls that he's taken as a servant or killed before. Is this a sickness? Who is this mysterious man whose personality ranges from cold to killer? Will you live to find out?
   It was a cool October day. The trees in your town had a hard time changing color, so they settled for turning brown and falling to the ground within three days of any hint of a color change in the
:iconhorseandwolflover93:HorseandWolfLover93 504 70
Walking in the Rain- Kankri x Reader
Walking In The Rain
Kankri x Reader
I want him and I need him
And someday, someway
I'll meet him

    You will always bear a certain fondness for the rain. It was April 13 th when you first met and it was pouring; both of you had conveniently forgotten your umbrellas. Unfortunately, the bus stop was on the other end of the street. The two of you waited out the downpour in awkward silence.
He'll be kind of shy
But real good lookin' too
And I'll be certain he's my guy
By the things he'll like to do

    The tension was broken with a simple hello from  none other than yourself. He glanced at you, the sky, and then you, before uttering a greeting in return. Cracking a smile, you introduced yourself and held out your hand. He shook it quickly, while saying his name just loud enough so you could hear it. You grinned, certain you were making a new friend.
    “Nice to meet you, mister Kankri Vantas.”
Like walking in
:iconbunnirox413:bunnirox413 152 50
What About Love? (Envy x Reader)
What About Love?
(Envy x Reader)
You lie in bed, half-asleep, half-awake.  It had been a rather boring day.  You worked in your father’s bakery and as usual you smiled, laughed, and rejected at least five different guys who had gathered up enough courage to ask you out on a date.  Your most frequent lines were, “sorry but I’m going to be busy this week” or “I’d like to but with my busy work schedule, I just don’t have the time”.  Both were true, but they were also excuses.  Honestly, you didn’t really care about dating.  You had never found a boy that you thought was interesting…not yet, anyways.
        There was a light tapping sound on your window.  You turned and blinked a few times only to see a black cat perched on the windowsill.  Its eyes watched you expectantly.  It opened its mouth and meowed quietly.  You smiled slightly and flipped the latch.
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 369 64


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----facts things brought to you by ace's sexyness---

1.I am a transgendered dork and yea. 
2. I go through fandom changes often
3. My favorite voice to do is John Egbert or Sollux Captor.
4. I do voice acting
5. I love cosplaying
6. Im Bi
7. Im shy as hell
8. I love getting sketch requests
9: I have a cat named Romano
10. I am obsessed with One Piece and Ace is my Bae.


Did I even get any? nope.

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I love to draw, And am amazed at my talent, considering my tourettes.
my favorite songs are : 'If Today Was Your Last Day' by Nickleback, 'Break' By Three Days Grace, 'Animal I Have Become' by Three Days Grace, and 'Waiting For Superman' by Daugtry, Amnesia,and Germany's anthem I Am German-Made, AND OTHER RANDOM SHITZ
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France is my brother from Hetalia!!!
Me: ASDFGHJKL NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
France: ≖ิ_≖ Yea Right.


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