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Antarctodon, the cool astrapothere



Mi reconstrucción del primitivo astrapoterio Antarctodon, en pleno invierno durante el Eoceno de la Antártida (hace 50 millones de años). Aunque solo se ha encontrado un diente de este animal, parece ser intermedio entre Trigonostylops y Astrapotherium.

La imagen de fondo es modificada de aquí: [link]

Más información de Antarctodon:[link]

English: My reconstruction of the primitive astrapothere Antarctodon, in the middle of the winter in the Eocene of the Antarctica (50 million years ago). Although this animal is only know by a single tooth, it seems intermediate between Trigonostylops and Astrapotherium.

The background image is modified from here: [link]

More info about Antarctodon:[link]
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Very interesting astrapothere; I haven't come across one that's woolly. I'm guessing that there would have been some land connection between South America and Antarctica. Antarctica was also further north at the time, so the Antarctic ice sheet would have not yet been formed where there could've been more vegetation (coniferous or boreal forests) and diverse fauna. Very good reconstruction!