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by avancna

My first critique for Deviantart ... here we go ... The snake Titanoboa is the largest ever discovered and has caused some media attent...


Trigodon portrait
I think that have passed months since my last drawing... so to practice, there is a quick illustration of Trigodon, the Pliocene toxodont with horn. :)
Upper and lower jaw fragments of the South American gharial Gryposuchus. Middle Miocene from Colombia, Geological Museum José Royo y Gómez, Bogotá.
Baby Purussaurus
Skull from a juvenile specimen of Purussaurus neivensis from La Venta Fauna. Museo Geológico José Royo y Gómez, Bogotá. A more complete view of this specimen is here:…
Hilarcotherium miyou skull
The skull again, but with upper view of the mandible: as you can see, the lateral view is actually  reversed. In the mandible also is notable that the canines are implanted horizontally - a feature shared with Granastrapotherium - and they projects laterally. The incisives are reconstructed based in a partial symphysis of Hilarcotherium miyou that apparently had five incisors (!); in H. castanedaii there are six incisives, meanwhile Xenastrapotherium had four and Granastrapotherium, none.
The new astrapothere
And well, here is a real new species, Hilarcotherium miyou. Hilarcotherium was known previously from the species H. castanedai…, which resembling in size and aspect to Astrapotherium. This new species, H. miyou has been published recently in a thesis (which you can download freely, see the link in the first reference). H. miyou is the northernmost astrapothere found, being found in the Middle Miocene Castilletes formation in La Guajira, in Colombia. In this formation has been found teeth, mandible and pieces of the skull of this animal, as also a number of remains of the skeleton that, since its size, could belong  to H. miyou, but without teeth these remains are only classified as an indeterminate uruguaytherine (Uruguaytheriinae is the subfamily of astrapotheres distributed outside Argentina, and includes to the unusual Granastrapotherium). In this image I draw together the remains illustrated in such thesis, although also are mentioned upper teeth, femora, fibula, tibia, a lunar and patella. Is interesting to note that one of the femora have a estimated length of 104 cm., larger that the size that I show here. If the animal had the same proportions that I use here, this belongs to a gigantic individual, over 2,2 meters tall at the shoulders. The weight estimations based in the molars are of 6.456 kg, meanwhile the estimation based in a humerus of a juvenile indicates a weigth of 4.985 kg. If any of these estimations are correct, this astrapothere was one of the largest terrestrial mammals of South America, only surpassed in mass by the proboscidean Notiomastodon platensis.


Y bien, he aquí una verdadera nueva especie de astrapoterio, Hilarcotherium miyouHilarcotherium fue dado a conocer anteriormente con la especie H. castanedai…, la cual se asemeja en tamaño y aspecto a Astrapotherium. Esta nueva especie, H. miyou ha sido publicada recientemente en una tesis (la cual se puede descargar libremente, en el enlace de referencias). H. miyou es el astrapoterio hallado más al norte, siendo encontrado en la Formación Castilletes del Mioceno medio en La Guajira, in Colombia. En esa localidad se han encontrado dientes, mandíbulas y piezas del cráneo del animal, así como varios restos del esqueleto que por su tamaño pudieron haber pertenecido a H. miyou, pero sin dientes estos restos solo pueden clasificarse como un uruguayterino indeterminado (Uruguaytheriinae  es una subfamilia de astrapoterios que se distribuyeron por fuera de Argentina, e incluye al inusual Granastrapotherium). En esta imagen dibujé juntos los restos ilustrados en dicha tesis, aunque también se mencionan dientes superiores, fémures, peroné, tibia, un lunar y rótula. Es interesante señalar que uno de esos fémures tiene una longitud total estimada en 104 cm., mucho mayor que el tamaño mostrado aquí. Si este animal tenía las mismas proporciones que usé, pertenecería a un individuo gigantesco, de más de 2,2 metros de alto hasta los hombros. Las estimaciones de peso basadas en molares dan 6.456 kg, mientras que la estimación basada en el húmero de un ejemplar juvenil indica un peso de 4.985 kg. Si cualquiera de estas estimaciones resulta ser correcta, este astrapoterio fue uno de los mayores mamíferos terrestres de América del Sur, solo sobrepasado en masa por el proboscidio Notiomastodon platensis.

References / Referencias
Carrillo Sánchez, Juan DavidCHAPTER 4, The Neogene record of northern South American native ungulates. Systematics of the South American Native Ungulates and the Neogene Evolution of Mammals from Northern South America. 2018, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.…
Vallejo Pareja, M. C.; Carrillo, J. D.; Moreno Bernal, J. W.; Pardo Jaramillo, M.; Rodriguez González, D. F.; Muñoz Duran, J. (2015). "Hilarcotherium castanedaii, gen. et sp. nov., a new Miocene astrapothere (Mammalia, Astrapotheriidae) from the Upper Magdalena Valley, Colombia". Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology35 (2): e903960. doi:10.1080/02724634.2014.903960.


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Here is a nice reconstruction of Necrolestes by :iconvenatophis:, the last survivor of the dryolestid mammals that inhabited Argentina during the Miocene:

Necrolestes by Venatophis

Also I'm glad to see again works of the Spanish paleoartist Óscar Sanisidro :iconoscarsanisidro:, this time in a note in National Geographic about Cenozoic South America:…
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