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My Bio

I'm a doctor of chiropractic and my hobby is drawing.

I'm very easy going, so don't hesitate to send a note if you have any questions for me, or just want to chat about something.

:bulletblue: I do not take requests

:bulletblue: I do not take commissions anymore

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Breaking Bad; I, Claudius; The Clone Wars/Rebels
Favourite Books
The Tartar Steppe, A Princess of Mars, Silence
Favourite Games
Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Super Mario Bros 3
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Nintendo

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I haven't posted my movie thoughts on here in a long time! Might as well get back into it. :D Spoiler free. :star: The Batman :star: I think this is probably my favorite Batman movie. True, it's not as technically sound at a Christopher Nolan film, but this one I found (personally) to be more entertaining. There's a LOT to love about this one: no origin story. This is just a chronicle in Batman's life. The writers assume, rightfully, that 99.9% of the people seeing a Batman movie know his origin story. Thank gosh. Moreover, Batman does... detective stuff! There's always a lack of Batman doing detective work in movies. But in this one, my favorite scene is just when he's working through the crime scene with the police. I could've sat there and and watched a whole detective Batman movie without violence, to be honest haha. But I'm old, so there. I loved that Batman was soft spoken. What a brilliant change of pace. This movie has its own little flaws, but nothing big enough to
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What's up?

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I haven't made a journal post in over a year, wow! Life got a little hectic for me for a while--namely because I had a personal tragedy; not a death, but basically someone had to be removed from life, which was very sad and kind of traumatic to be honest. So I was distracted for a while, but all is good now. I've still been doing art, but it's mostly been traditional so I haven't taken the time to upload anything. Pfff. So lazy. I'm *hopefully* going to start updating Jupiter and The Chronicles of Dru again. I already drew a Jupiter page, but I want to get a few more under my belt before posting. ALSO. AI art is pissing me off. Not because it exists... whatever. But because I have to sift through 800 AI images while looking for Daily Deviations. Sheesh.
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Hey sorry for the late response, but I wanted to thank you for the quartz badge. That was unexpected, but very welcomed. Thank you so much, you're very sweet.

um..hi there :huggle: 💖 I like your ice king drawing and I was wondering do u want to make a comic story with me ?

i was thinking the story would involve Simon petrikov origin of how he becomes ice king ? majority of the stuff is like the show but i have some ideas i want to add in the story 😅 to make it more sad and dramatic like example maybe some more transformation side effects when Simon starts using the crown like ice regeneration/healing powers, Or seeing nightmares in his sleep , heart beats slowly, raising his body temperature from absolute zero or low degrees slowly or he would risk harming his own body etc ..im sorry if it’s a dumb question to ask :(

Sounds like a fun story, but I have too many other projects going right now. ^^;

Thank you for asking, though!

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Hiya! I have a suggestion for a DD! I thought it had a lot of potential, also I don't know the artist. Thanks! :D


Also, question, do you need to have core to be DD'd? All the DDs ive seen are all created my people with core. Just wondering. :)

You don't need to have core to get a DD. :)

Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] Thank you very much, Doctor!