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My first animal

This animal was the first thing i ever drew. I thinks he is some bear mixed with lion and wolf. I remember drawing him all the time and the teatchers would get mad at me for drawing him all the time. he was big as a car to me when I drew him.
I was vary young For some reason I never named him.
I drew him but he did not have a name. I reamember drawing a white one named some thing it was a girl one.
I have to digg throug my papers at my dads houes to see what her name was. and to see if i ever named him.
I did this yesterday. I did not draw him for years!
hehehe I reamembr whaen some kid would pokefun at my drawing of him I would say... He Is real and he likes to kill some kids. or eat whaterver.
people really thougt I was weird and keep sending me to the school Counsilor for it. and for some reason my animal was not to be allout in my drawings so I stoped.
I moved on to horses.
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   Looked like a lion and a wolf at 1ST and I was right and right.
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omg this drawing is so old. he is a mix of other animals. his head is a bear and the rest is well mixed. Yeah i did have a lion and wolf in mind. along with the body type of a cheetah. I could not draw bears at the time. he was then recycled in to my current OC, Zimaro.
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I think this is really cool. Keep drawing him man! I really like the look of him! Let me know if you want me to give suggestions for his name. I could come up with something cool.
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The fur is wonderful! and your style is really epic!
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This is amazing! I love your drawing style. :D
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thats awesome i make up weird but awesome animals too :P
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i love that that is so awesome could u check out my profile!
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wow , i want to learn like yours !!!
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wow dis ivury good
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teachers are just frickin terrible liek that THIS IS AMAZING!
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Thanks^^ Yes most of my teachers were terrible. but only a few told me to keep drawing him.
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hahah i love your description :P awesome sketch too
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That is so cool that you started drawing him as a child and he has stayed in your imagination since then.

I dig his mane.
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yup and I still have him around.
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OMG. first of all that could be a character in PIXAR or other animation productions. And wow , that was ur first dawing? Well thats pretty cool. B)

Seriously, make it into a production!!
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OMG OMG OMG this is so so cool!!!!!!!
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He looks really cool. :D
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