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Get Backers Stamp

I noticed there was no stamp for the Get Backers anime series which is my favorite anime, so I made one! ^_^ If you're a fan, feel free to use it too! :heart:

Get Backers - (C) Yuya and Rando-san
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obviously my favorite too ^^ faved
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OMG!!! I love Ban Mido!! SO sexy and ginji is Silly But cute ♥
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YAY! Ginji forevers! :3
yeah, i think this show as awesome as it is needs more attention ^^
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Yes, Get Backers is my favorite anime! I hope I can put this to use one day. :XD:
Haine86's avatar
O_o!!! Get backer´s is my favorite anime too!!!
great stamp!!!

The devil doesn`t thank even to his own creator...
Spike (cowboy bebop)...
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Eee! I love the Get Backers! :love:
Zim-Shady's avatar
ME TOO! It's my favorite anime :D
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Getbackers stamps are sorely lacking...thanks for making this! :love:
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You're welcome, glad you enjoyed! I also have a stamp for just Ban, Emishi, and Paul ;D (my three faves hehehe)
SpammishRice's avatar
You have an Emishi stamp?!?! It's hard to find Emishi anything! :XD:
Zim-Shady's avatar
I KNOW!!! I've scoured DA and faved almost every picture with Emishi in it XDDD I've made one or two myself (albiet with my original character in the picture as well *COUGHCOUGHCOUGH*) XDDD but yeah Emishi friggin' RULES! I cosplayed as him back in 2005 at an anime con in Texas. It was super special awesome even though nobody knew who I was! My sister was my Shido :heart: (not to mention I almost poked some guy's eye out with my ghetto Loulan whip XD)
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Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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I'd love one with Akabane or Kadzuki on it ^.^
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Awesome series it is~ Thanks for making this stamp, I'll use it. :3
lksugui's avatar
Yess, Ban&Ginji rock! :dance: :love: Will proudly stick it on my page!:D
Zim-Shady's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you like it! More power to the Get Backers fans! ^_^ Thanks for the fave!
lksugui's avatar
You're very welcome!

And yeah, GB fans reunite! :w00t: There is actually a fanclub here in DA but it seems kinda inactive... :( I've sent a note weeks ago and got no reply so far...
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Yessss! I've been hoping to come across one, and this'll do nicely. :3
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^_^ Yay, glad you like it! Is that first part in your signature that thing that Juubei says in that one Get Backers episode where they're in the hot spring XD and Ban and Ginji sneak up on Kazuki thinking he's a girl? LOL oh Blindy-kun.
Guttergoo's avatar
Yesss, yes it is. x3 Because apparently I'm one of the few people that finds Jubei hilarious! D:
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