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Welcome to the Zim-Dib-Fan Club!


What are we?

A fan club dedicated to Zim and Dib. Just who are these two characters with bizarre 3 lettered names, might you ask?

They are the two main protagonists of Nickelodeon's cult hit series Invader Zim. Created by the brilliant bastard Jhonen Vasquez, these two characters have primarily dominated the fandom with their unusual antics and random bouts of crazy.

Some Useful Information To Get You Started!

:megaphone: Who is Jhonen Vasquez?

:megaphone: Invader Zim on Wikipedia

:megaphone: Invader Zim Wiki @ Wikia

The All Important Club Rules!


1.) To join this group, click 'Join our Group' at that top of the group's page. You will become an instant member. You do not have to ask.

2.) You do not have to submit anything to this group if you are a member. It is not compulsory.

3.) You must have a love for Invader Zim. If not, why are you here?


1.) To submit your work, you can either select 'Submit to this Gallery' at the top right of the Gallery tab, or you can select from the options to the right side of the page under your deviation.

2.) Submit only your own work into this group.

3.) Other Invader Zim characters are allowed. AS LONG AS Zim or Dib are the central focus. These characters MUST be related to the IZ fandom.

For example, characters can include: Gaz, GIR, Miss Bitters, Prof. Membrane

4.) Please submit only Invader Zim related works to this group. Other characters that do not apply to the show are not permitted.

For example: Sonic, Naruto

If you have a character that is not related to the fandom in your picture with a protagonist such as Zim or Dib it will be declined from the group. This is a Zim and Dib Fan Club. This will only be accepted if the character is a part of the IZ universe, or related to it. Sorry, but this includes OC's as well, even if your OC is based on IZ. If you want to show off your OC or Mary-Sue with Zim or Dib, do it in a club that will accept it. This is a Zim/Dib fanclub which also accepts other IZ characters that are included in the show, not OC'S.

5.) Screencaps, copied and stolen works are not permitted. If your work is referenced it is acceptable as long as you cite the original source or have obtained permission to use the original artists work.

6.) Please do not submit any bases or dolls into this group. Instead of using others work, why not just do your own? Bases will be declined, even if you created them.

7.) Hentai and porn is forbidden. There is an online site called which you should visit if you wish to view that sort of stuff. Bizarre fetishes are strictly forbidden.

Yaoi is accepted here as this club supports ZaDr, as long as the mature content filter is supplied for suggestive pictures.

8.) Fanfiction which contains avid descriptions of sex, masturbation and rape is not permitted in this group. Please submit adult only ZaDr into a group that allows it. ZaDr fanfiction that is mildly suggestive (such as the characters flirting, hugging or kissing) is allowed.

9.) Do not submit ZaGr, ZaGir, ZaTr, DaTr etc into this group. It will be removed or declined. This is a ZaDr/ZaDf club. There are other groups available to show off other romance/friendship art.


1.) Do not bash other members.

2.) Do not flame other members art.

3.) Do not harass other members for their beliefs or opinions. We are all different and have different beliefs. If you have a problem with another member keep it to yourself.

4.) Do not harass or bully the admin. If you do, the ban hammer will come out.

5.) If you are being harassed or bullied in anyway by another member, please report to one of the admin.

:pointr: ABOUT ZaDr, ZaDf and ZaDe

ZaDr stands for Zim and Dib romance. This means male/male alien romantic interaction. If the idea of this sickens you, I don't want to hear it.

As this is a fan club that supports ALL types of Invader Zim art, we support ZaDr as well as ZaDf - which stands for Zim and Dib friendship and also ZaDe - which stands for Zim and Dib enemies. If you are a member of an anti-ZaDr group, you are welcome to join and submit to the ZaDe section, but please keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself of other members art that suggests or shows ZaDr otherwise you will be banned.

Whether or not you support ZaDr is entirely up to you, but please do not join this group and change your mind because ZaDr is supported.








Sorry guys, I'm not as active in this group anymore.

If you submit something and it doesn't go in it's because it's expired. Just keep submitting and I'll continue to add your art to the gallery. I often forget to check, but I'll keep in mind to check more often.

Sorry again.
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Group Info

A fan club dedicated to Jhonen Vasquez's series 'Invader Zim' that welcomes anybody who loves the show to join! All art of Zim, Dib or any other character/s from the show is welcome. ZADR, ZADF and ZADE also included and supported, so feel free to join and most of all have fun!
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Jan 12, 2011


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Hey guys, so I have made a few new groups, ready for anyone to submit their art and or fanfiction! You can join them, or don't, that is all up to you, you can submit either way! I don't know about you, but I am seriously tired of finding an Invader Zim group, only to find out that it's been abandoned by it's creator and things haven't been put into automatic I've decided to do this!

kamisami Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  Student Filmographer
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Are you closed or why can't I wiev the gallery?
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How come when I go to the gallery it doesn't show anything..? Lol.
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TheStupidCupid Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011  Student Artist
I just submitted a bunch of stuff to your gallery because at first I thought OMG THEY HAVE NOTHING HERE D:

and i got sad... then i saw you had
a big FEATURED gallery and I'm so stupid for not figuring that out

durp... well i gave you a bunch of pictures to choose from and of course the whole INVADER DIB comic

hope you like the ZIM LIKE and DIB LIKE GOODNESS i have to offer

^___________^ YES
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TheStupidCupid Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Student Artist


just wondering if you would like my INVADER DIB comic (link up there)

if you like to have it in your club, i would be very interesting in joining...

sorry ^____^ for pushing my comic on you guys, people like it a lot and it makes me happy to share it!
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