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Tiny fruit divider (F2U)



A tiny animated fruit divider as requested by :iconthatsphobia:
This divider is free to use on deviantart!

For the seperated files for each tiny fruit pixel (not animated!) go to this deviation 
Tiny fruit pixels (F2U) by Zilverlovely

Tiny Watermelon Pixel by Zilverlovely R U L E S Tiny Watermelon Pixel by Zilverlovely
*Credit is highly appreciated, but not a must
*If you plan on using any of these pixels, please fave this deviation!
*If you would like to use the pixels outside of dA, please note me for permission
*Don't claim these pixels as your own work ; v ;

! only premium members can use the thumb to make it work. For non-premium members here is how to use on your page or journal:
Copy and past this code:
<*div image="URL HERE">
Now replace 'URL HERE' with the following link:…
! do not remove the 2x " from the code ! 
This should then show you the divider like so Tiny fruit divider ANIMATED (F2U) by Zilverlovely

Tiny Pixel Banana by Zilverlovely E X T R A Tiny Pixel Banana by Zilverlovely
if you would like to support what I do and show your appreciation of this divider and the tiny fruit pixels, feel free to press the premium content button on the right ; v ; it really helps me out <33
you won't gain anything extra by buying the premium content, it is just to show your gratitude and kindness <3

EDIT: It works now c: thanks to the amazing tip of SnowyLatte telling me that there is a max width to dividers which I didnt know about o v o

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