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Zilochius Industries is an engineering and robotics design company founded and owned by Dr. Lawrence Zilochius. Dr. Zilochius, self proclaimed genius inventor and bastion of society, is the man behind the creations of both mechanical soldiers and armoured battle suits. At Zilochius Industries, we do science for science's sake, pushing the boundaries of advanced weaponry.

That's why we don't take commissions and that's all you need to know.

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Glad you were able to recover your account.

I honestly have no idea how this happened as I didn't fall victim to phishing attacks and only my DeviantArt account was compromised.

In any case this account has now been restored, even if now my deviations are no longer in the users collections or groups (I lost all my DD too).

Yikes. That's unfortunate about the DDs. I'm not sure how that happened either.

do you do mask commissions

Oh, cool cosplay. Take a look my project, you can like it.


Poster 1 Squad Wargrad XIII
Hey, are you familiar with Borderlands 2? Do you think you could develop a suit of armor based around Krieg's "MY MIND IS A PRISON" helmet?