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More patterns here

Gimp pattern files of the above design can be found through the aforementioned link. As soon as I find out how to make pattern files for other software such as photoshop, I shall upload them.

Also, I'm very curious to find how people find this page, so if you could comment with how you got here, I'd be very grateful.

Oh, and hey, if you feel like using it commercially, can you accredit me, or at least tell me you're planning on using it?
Thanks ;)
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     I Googled 

"Nouveau Photoshop Textures and Patterns"

That Sent me to…

Then I landed here

No real plans for this beautiful pattern as of now, I am just looking for some inspiration, when it hits me I shall be sure to credit you where your designs are used

Thanks for sharing
Going to be using this for a website. Will be giving you credit in the coding. This is great. Thanks so much!
i would love to use for a baby shower invite
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Possibly using it for a business card background :)

And got here by visiting [link]
Hi there

I am looking at your image right now, this is exactly what we are looking for, I am the event organizer for weddings, and we are in need of a black and white damask design like yours but it needs to be big enough to do damask panels about 9 ft high, and 3ft wide. Will this do the trick? or can you recommend some other site that might help us? I have no problem accrediting the creator of the design.
Thank You
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I guess that depends on how large each repeated pattern needs to be for the 9ft panels. Are we thinking about a foot in height per floral pattern? I made this a long time ago and would probably need to fix it a little to make it usable. It would also help to know how the panels are being made, to know whether a high-res image file would be better, or a vector file. I would very much appreciate being accredited.
Hi thank you for replying back to my query. I was going to use these on white fabric,with 6 panels each being 3feet wide and 9 feet high, with a wooden trim around each so that it can stand free form. the other open spaces left would have sheer linen pleated on top and bottom gathered in the center with a bling tie. Now every other time I have tried to print something I wanted it done professionally through Staples, and it couldn`t be done because the resolution was to low, I didn`t even think about using a Vector, I wonder if that would do the trick? Yes a foot in height is spot on, I wouldn`t want to go any larger I don`t think for fear of scattered pixels. How would you like your name displayed on these finished pieces? I can put what ever you like on the frames of each piece, and add even a accrediting to you in the reception program.

Thank You
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Oh wow that sounds beautiful! Is there any way I could be shown pictures of the final product?
Whether vectors work depends on the program you use. I'll make you vector files and send them, and if you find you can't use them, I can convert them back into high-res jpegs.
It's up to you really, whatever works best! Out of interest, how much do Staples charge? I haven't a clue about the industry, especially since I made this design back when I was about 15 and haven't pursued it at all.

Of course I will send you pictures of the finished product, that is not a problem, save the date okay? The wedding is Sept 27th 2014, yes I know I have lots of time, but when your doing DIY and the Bride is not crafty its a slower process to get her on track. Sure lets start with Vector see if it will work. Staples charge anywhere from 98 cents to 1.89 per piece, but I am going to see if it can be done on a heavier card stock, instead of the usual 98 lb, they would normally use. Would you like my email address to send the file to me? or where would I find the correct file on here for use? Again thank you so much for working with me, you have been a lifesaver.

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Yeah, crafty things do take forever, and I guess it must be doubly so for weddings!
Ah thanks, that's interesting.
I would like to send via email, if that's alright. If you want to send your email address to me via a private message as opposed to on this public conversation, you can send me a note via my profile.
No problem at all, I wouldn't do this if I wasn't a student!


Thank you so much for all your help here.

My email address is

Thank you again

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I've sent you an email with a couple of files!
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This site has you linked, not sure if you know that: [link] That's probably why someone used it commercially. =/
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Ahh right. Thanks for the link...

Eh, I'm not fussed about how it's used now, to be honest... I'd like the credit, and it does feel like I'm a little cheated if someone uses it commercially without accrediting/telling me about it, but there's no use getting stressed about it now. thanks for telling me, though, greatly appreciated.
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Yeah np, just thought that was weird. :3
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Hey, I went ahead and downloaded the image and traced over it in Adobe Illustrator to use in a wedding invite. Mind if I put it up as a .ai file for other people to use if they want a vector version?
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As long as you give credit and a link to the original, I don't mind.
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[link] And viola! Thanks again, and wonderful job on the wallpaper!
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thank you! How annoying the illustrator file isn't working =/
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Awesome, will do! I'll send you a link of it, too.
Hi - i'v downloaded this gorgeous design to be used on a kitchen tea e-invite. Hope it's ok! I've noticed that you are fine with invite uses. Thanks a gazillion!
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This image is being offered as a "free" download and linked to from [link]
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