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MLP: 05101201

By Zilleniose
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yeeeeea fluttershy yeeeeah

mlp (c) hasbro
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KittycatRittyCatHobbyist Digital Artist
So cute omg!
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hunter-rileyProfessional Artisan Crafter
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mylittelponyloverStudent Artist
love the pick I am wondering if you can put spots on the pony's if the mom or dad don't have spots
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considering how the genes work, and how two earth ponies could birth a unicorn and a Pegasus, i'm sure the baby could have spots even if the parents didn't. could be from their grandparent or a aunt, any explanation would probably work!
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LayzPlayz5everProfessional Digital Artist
I see you like mlp, so you should check out my account. I'm post alot of mlp related stuff.
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loveangel56Professional Digital Artist
fluttershy is the worst mlp charekter 
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caccktiHobbyist Digital Artist
your art style is so unique
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BrunaFioritoHobbyist General Artist
so cute and cute deserves to go to my favorites*Free Icon/Emote* Fluffershy Pusheen Cheese Sandwich clapping Chibi Fluttershy Icon 
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PonyJoyStudent Digital Artist
added it as my favorite picture galleryLynnie Approoves Pink Smile 
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MicajangoHobbyist Digital Artist
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YouTubeCandyHobbyist Digital Artist
My God, this is lovely.
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Tillie-TMBHobbyist General Artist
Man, this looks so lit!
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My favorite pony... :D
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sadsinglepotatoStudent Traditional Artist
So smol CX
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ShotsyShotsyHobbyist General Artist
I absolutely love this. You did a beautiful job :)
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AphelionMarsHobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa, this is beautiful! I love the your colors, texture, and shading style!
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JillxWolfeProfessional General Artist
I love your work, if you like I will take requests from you for free, but I believe you deserve more!
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SFMunicornwolfHobbyist General Artist
So cute! Love it!
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JillxWolfeProfessional General Artist
Thank you so much!
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rockonAngelDudeHobbyist Filmographer
Never mind, I just got a bunch of copyright notices tonight,...i didn't help this artist paint this picture or any others I claimed to help with... I just wanted to seem like a professional artist so the homiez at work appreciate my art (this one would've been a fantastic one) more so I could become an artist in my company since I haven't gotten credit on my work so far. I admit it, I was the one who stole the art...I found out since I been doing this I don't really have what it takes to even be on this site, no one would hire a thug, not even a former thug...as a mlp fanI apologize to the artist, their friends, the mlp creatorand all other fellow mlp fans...
rockonAngelDude's avatar
rockonAngelDudeHobbyist Filmographer
Hello I helped zilleniose paint this photo dawg. I feel inspired by the credit my G got. If you want to send me appreciation as well feel free. If not I understand. He did the work, I just came up with the idea.
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yghkffjngfnufrdjmjStudent Digital Artist
I'm doing an audio drama and i was wondering if you want  to be in my audio drama?  Please reply as soon as possible, I love this picture. 
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Panda-JennHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so cute! Do you mind f I post some of your art to my website?
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ZillenioseHobbyist Digital Artist
Please do not, that would be in violation of copyright law.
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