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cant we all just get a bong?????????

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i figured i needed to make this stamp

free to use! yeahhhhh. fave if u finna use it tho
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world peace starts with a bud ~
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best quote I have ever seen oml thanks for showing me this
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i heard weed/marijuana isnt dangerous?? like is it ok
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I use it for anxiety
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Smoking is harmful for ur lungs, but otherwise the plant itself isn't harmful but you might freak out if you take in too much that you can't handle. Technically speaking, edibles are the only safe way.

Smoking will irritate ur respiratory system and u might have like, snot for awhile? It goes away. It has the same cancer-causing chemicals as cigarette smoke, but thc cancels it out ig.

It's best to do ur own research I think, and decide if u want to try it. It's less addictive than coffee, so u can try it once to determine if u like it or not.
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It's fine! It actually helps my anxiety and headaches!
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yeah! its used for medical issues and depression its safe
just like dont overdose on it 
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...You can't overdose on weed, bruv.
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omg this stamp is BEAUTIFUL bless youuuu
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-happily puts on my page-
wish i had some more right about now..

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omg thanks babe

gotta wait til next weekend probably.... finna go to our friends house wit bae and just...... just let loose man
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I'm trying to do my homework
yeah... i don't want to..

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LMAO nope. just go smoke a bowl buddy :^) <3 and then a lil more for me <3 :'^)
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my heart goes out to the both of us :'^(
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Smoke *Quack* everyday dadaydayday. Smoke *Quack* everyday-day-day.
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duck tails?...no weed tails XD
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