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To The Point: Custom Layton Stationery Set


[Edit @ 11am on 1.16.2014:  SOLD OUT!  Thank you to everyone who made a purchase and/or helped spread the word! :D]


I recently had a handful of custom Layton notepads and sticky pads done up as gifts for friends and have some leftover so I'm looking to sell them if folks are interested :) 

Please pop on over to this post for all the info/deets and how to order if you'd like one :D  

Please don't leave me any info here, as I'll be collecting all info over on that post!  I also can't screen comments here and I don't want peoples' info exposed. 

[Professor Layton © 2013 Level-5 inc.] -- [Nov. 2013]

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I just received the ones i ordered from you and I must say they are wonderful!
I'm almost too scared to use them because they are so pretty :iconuhuhuhuplz:
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OH YAY I am so happy they arrived safely!  And you should totally use them!  Give 'em some luv <3

Thank you again for giving them a home, I really appreciate it :)
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Haha it's such an old design XD
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How do you make custom note pads?
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There's a lot of printing services that will do it, both online and locally.  If you do a little research you'll find a bunch, I've used a smattering of different sources ranging from Zazzle to places local to me :)  Just do a little googling and there's a lot of resources; they vary in pricing and offerings so best to shop around.
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My heart imploded!
ParadoxUlvetal's avatar

i need that cup
zillabean's avatar
Hahahah the cup design is pretty old, actually.  I only printed a super small batch and they sold out years ago :<
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Damn, I love your stuff! I'm pretty sure 85% of my Layton file is filled with your stuff. :D
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hjgsalkfhdlaksjgfhsasadfa DAT MUGGGGG!


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Hahhaah!  And guess what, a chibi Don Paolo is on the other side! XD  

But sadly no... that mug design is really old, and I'd sold out the small batch years ago.  If you really want one I could see about getting one made for you, but they're kind of expensive :(
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Nah. That's fine. Thanks anyway...

I just bought some things online so I'm pretty broke right now.

I'll try searching for a local print studio or a souvenir maker or a craftsman, hermit whatever and make a local thingy.

But when I do...can I use your drawing?

Pretty please?~

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Sadly I don't think I can release that drawing since I'd feel kind of uncomfortable just handing it over, you know?  It was originally made as a little fun thing, and since a few folks bought the mugs, I'd feel weird just handing it over :(  I'm sorry, but I hope you understand?
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That's fine. I understand.

I feel you.
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Yeah, I'm sorry.  I always feel bad saying "no", but it's just become policy due to some pretty awful stuff that's happened in the past :(
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WOW!! You made merchandising >w<
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I do tiny batches from time to time, mostly for fun :)
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that's awesome!!!!! ksajdkhads the cup *w*
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