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The Good, the Bad, and the Puzzling

For the lovely miss :iconkrazykez:, who was a runner-up in a contest I held some time ago. 

Her request for a prize pic was our good Professor as a wild west gun-slinger type, which I happily obliged to :) 

Hope you like, Kez!

[Professor Layton © 2013 Level-5 inc.] -- [Aug. 2013]
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This is what Layton would look like in Torrido from Azran Legacy with his Deputy Luke by his side.
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I am planning on doing a western rewrite of Last Specter. Layton is a sheriff who goes to a town in Dakota Territory to investigate attacks by The Ghost Rider and it turns out that there are rumors of a curse,  a mysterious outlaw gang known as The Black Ravens and mysteries behind late war hero and frontier scout Evan Barde. Many believe Evan's half-Native American daughter Arianna is The Ghost Rider but it is actually her brother Tony, who sold his soul to the Devil to seek revenge on those who spoke ill of his sister. 
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My god... Those abs...
Now I really want the professor... MINE!!!!
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Hahahahah ladies, ladies, please.... there's enough Proffy to go 'round ;)
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*lunges for professor* NO THERE ISN'T GIMME!!!!!!!!
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More like the good, the bad, and the good lookin! :)
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D) All of the above?
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They're so much fun! :D
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I'm sure if I tried to draw a pack of abs they'd look like two loaves of bread side-by-side ;)
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*Spaghetti Western music plays in the background.* "This puzzle... will be solved." :iconcoolshadesplz:
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:icondroolplz:................................... Oops sorry ! Great art, as usual ! :heart: :iconiloveyouplz:
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I can't decide whether I like him or Vampire Layton better :D
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