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Belated birthday doodle for a friend who loves Scar :) 

[Scar ©2016 Disney ] -- [Jan. 2016]
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© 2016 - 2021 zillabean
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could I get this as a tattoo??

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I wish I could say yes, but this was a birthday gift for a friend so I don't feel right granting permission since it was for him :(

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that's okay, I understand! thanks for the reply

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Thank you for the respect :)

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or commission a scar pic from you?

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Honestly I can just see Scar singing that KDA song Villain

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I don't know what KDA is I'm afraid, haha.

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Rani: Lion who are you?

Scar: I am your great uncle in law Scar and who are you?

Rani: I'm Rani the leader of the Night Pride are you the one who killed Mufasa?

Scar: Yes I am.

Rani: Okay can you explain to me why you killed him?

Scar: Because my dad chose him to be the king over me that's why I killed him.

Rani: So you think that by killing him would be the only way to do it?

Scar: Yes and why do you ask?

Rani: Because my grandmom told me everything about you. First you killed Mufasa, then you caused all those animals to starve by taking over the Pride Lands, you lied to Simba about being responsible for his father's death, you told him to run away by sending him into exile but then luckily for him he had his friends to save him and if it wasn't for them then he would've died in the desert alone, you tried to kill him, and most of all you cared about nobody but yourself.

Scar: Ah so that’s what you heard?

Rani: Yes so now you're going to get your revenge on Simba?

Scar: Yes once I kill him, I will be the ruler of the Pride Lands forever.

Rani: You're wrong Scar Simba is the rightful king and you will never be the ruler of the Pride Lands because I know for a fact that Simba is my father in law. And another thing is that you almost made my husband turn evil by letting your snake friend give him a scar on his face just because he couldn’t control his power of the Roar!! If I hadn't welcomed him to the Tree of Life, he would’ve lost it. More importantly, why would you banish my father in law from the Pride Lands?

Scar: I had to banish Simba because he was responsible for Mufasa's death.

Rani: He wasn't responsible for his death Scar you were. You're no king you're nothing but a liar, a tyrant, and a murderer.

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I found it stolen once again :(…
This person has a private account but you can still report the picture with the link I gave you.
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Oh my God why does everyone keep stealing this piece :(
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Unfortunately good artworks get stolen a lot :no: I am sorry this is happening to you...
If you haven't got the link to report it, here it is:…
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Thank you so much
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This was stolen once again without crediting you…
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Ugh that's the same person who did it last time.  I asked them kindly to take it down, but Instagram won't let me report her :(. It really sucks and I Don't know what to do.
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Have you tried reporting this person with this link ?…
If you give Instagram some prooves that the picture belongs to you (you just have to put a link to your original deviation in your DA gallery), they will take the stolen pic down. It has worked for me every time I did it when I encountered a stolen pic of mine.

If I can give you an advice, it's really useless to try and discuss with these people. 99% of them don't understand what an artwork is and they don't understand why they wouldn't have the rights to use the picture like they want and some don't even can make the difference between official pics by Disney and fanarts. They have zero respect for artists. If you try and explain them, they either ignore you, insult you, tell you they found it on Google or block you... so it's really no use :(
Whenever you encounter a stolen pic that belongs to you, report it directly with the link I gave you. I am currently keeping a list of Instagram thieves and tracers and whenever I can recognize a stolen art from an artist I know, I tell them directly so they can report them by themselves. Because unfortunately you can't report a picture if you aren't the owner of it, the artists have to do it themselves. So don't worry, I will keep telling you if I ever come accross a stolen artwork of yours. If you want to take a look at my list (updated almost every day), there it is:
List of ART THIEVES/TRACERS on INSTAGRAMHow to report an art thief on Instagram : [link] 
If you see a picture of yours stolen in one of those accounts, REPORT IT WITH THIS LINK.

This list is here so you can go through these accounts and check if somebody has stolen your TLK artwork. It will be edited each time I add new accounts.
If you find a picture of yours stolen, report it with this link: 
PLEASE feel free to share this list as much as possible. If you find another account not listed here, tell me in a comment so I can add them to my list.
Big thanks to NostalgicChills and to all the people who are helping with filling this list!!!
This list will also be visible in the TLKLionkingFans and LionKingPride groups.
EDIT: 11/02/1
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Trtust me, I've been dealing wiht art thieves for years and years and years and they don't give a $hit what I say they jsut want to be allowed to feel RIGHT about stealing others' hard work.  On VERY rare occassions I've had one actually realize that what they're doing is wrong and apologize but that's always the rare.  Most of the others do exactly as you say, sadly.  And Yeah I've tried all of that with Instagram, providing links, etc.  They won't do anything unless I provide them legit paperwork, which ... I don't have for a fanart piece.  Maybe you've had more luck than I in that arena but it's never worked for me.  I might give it another go if forced though.  Thank you for your help!!!
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I am sorry to hear you have been dealing with them for such a long time... art thieves are the worst. This is why I decided to make this list so people can understand how big the problem is and how disrespectful most of them are.
If you use the link I give you, you just have to give them your name, address and all but it's just in case this is a BIG deal and if what you are trying to claim is false they might contact you. But in this case, it's just someone reposting your artwork on another website without your permission and if you really are the owner of the picture, they will listen to you and the picture will be removed from Instagram. It has worked every time for me so I don't see why it would not work for you.
No problem at all, I promise I will tell you again if I ever find another stolen piece of yours. :)
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Thank you so much for all the information and all the help that you have given us artists!
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No problem, I am glad if it can help you and other artists, it's my goal :)
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Sorry to tell you that this was sololen on Instagram:…
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Thank you for letting me know!
PouassonDeOro's avatar
No problem at all!
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