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Commission - custom charm design - Beowulf

By zillabean
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Custom charm commission of Beowulf (Skullgirls) for a very kind client!
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My favourite Skullgirl right here XD
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With your version of Daddy Beowulf, I love him much more :heart:
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dang what a frikin hunk
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Mmmm, beefy with a side of fuzzy! I like it!
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haha thank you
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Oh my, he's a gorgeous beastly guy. Lovely work as always  Love Love Love 
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If I focus hard, I can imagine it's a 'barbarian Shiro' which makes it even hotter! DAMN!! I hope you have a hairy chested burly man in your life ^///^

You deserve to be as happy, as yur art makes me :D
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Hahahah thank you! :)
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The manliness is strong with this one. 
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ahhahahhha true
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“When it comes to fighting, I count myself as dangerous any day as Grendel.

So it won’t be a cutting edge I’ll wield to mow him down, easily as I might.

He has no ideas of the arts of war, of shield or sword-play, though he does possess

A wild strength.

No weapons, therefore, for either this night:

unarmed he shall face me if - face me he dares.

And may the Divine Lord In His wisdom grant victory to whichever side He sees fit.”


You do realize that Beowulf is crazier than hell?  Your picture is extremely well drawn and captures this great hero most succinctly!

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Awesome piece, Jen. You have returned to what you do so very well - drawing buff fighting game boys. :nod:
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Haha thank you
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