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We just released a BETA preview of the new Watch. Go check out the launch article. There's a host of info there, you can try it out and watch videos of all the new features.

Beta Preview of Watch 2.0
This preview is available to a small group of new deviants, as well as Core Members who were Beta Testers as of November 11th.  We will continue to add deviants to the preview group in the coming days and weeks.
The heart of the DeviantArt experience is based on viewing and interacting with the art and activity from the deviants and groups you watch. Today, we’re providing an early preview into Watch 2.0 — where we’ve taken the activities deviants do most and built an experience geared toward exactly those actions.
Please keep in mind that this is an early Beta Preview. You are likely to encounter bugs and functions that are still being worked on.  
Turn on Watch 2.0

(You can turn it off at anytime.)

Focusing on Art and Discovery
Watch is a feed that aggregates activity (like deviations, journals, collecti

I don't normally comment on any feature release directly in my journals. I prefer to keep them to personal updates, not work related ones. But I'm going to break that habit and give some comments and feedback on this launch. Why? Because whilst I like to jump straight into launch articles and comment directly on people's feedback, it is also super time consuming. As part of this process I see a lot of very similar comments. Some really awesome (both positive and constructive feedback), some frustrating. So I wanna lay out some quick responses to that journal which I'm hoping will shed some light on the things we're attempting to do.


Seems a bit silly to be putting that here right? Perhaps if you're already a BETA tester, but for those who have yet to try out this aspect of their CORE membership I hope this will flesh it out a little:

In a nutshell BETA testing gives you access to new features we're actively developing across the site. They'll be specific features undoubtedly shown in seeming isolation from the site. They might be a different color, or flow to what you're used to. They might be buggy, act strangely, or be just straight out broken at times. 

BETA testing happens near the end of our design cycle. By the time you're seeing something in BETA it's already been worked on for several months and gone through many design iterations, evaluating UX flows, building out prototypes, creating comps and specs along the way before it's even hit the developers here at DeviantArt. When the developers have released the first iteration of the final code that's when you guys get your hands on the BETA release. This is the point where we want to test what we believe is a workable product. We need you to test it, stretch it and break it, only then can we make educated decisions and fix issues before a final release. There may be one or more rounds of testing. Things might change a lot, or very little.

Early access brings its own rewards, you get to try stuff before anyone else. Most importantly it allows you to MAKE A DIFFERENCE to what we're doing here. Your feedback at this stage of development is vital to us shipping a final product.


When you sign up for the BETA testing program you are almost guaranteed to be confused by something. That's not saying you guys are stupid, far from it. More that this is BETA testing. Things are being evaluated. Some things WILL be broken. Some things WILL be missing. Some parts won't necessarily make sense. But this is part and parcel of entering into these tests. If you don't like these aspects then you're probably not going to want to turn on that feature. 

The key to avoiding that feeling of confusing is to be objective, accept that it'll be strange at first, but after a few hours or days of really using the feature you'll understand better what is good and bad or just plain broken about the feature. Remember that you're actively helping us evaluate a new product and this is part of the process.


No, this is NOT a replacement to the message center. This is an upgrade of the Watch page. Your notifications and notes remain unaffected as does the watch element of the message center. 


We're not intentionally trying to confuse/annoy/frustrate. What we're trying to do is give you early snapshots of developmental work that we're keen to improve. Lots of stuff will run slow, or not at all. That's the nature of it. But I guarantee that if you return in 24hrs those things will have improved. We received a lot of requests to be more open about new features and an equal amount of people asking to help us out. Hence why the BETA program exists. Remember that you guys are the lifeblood of the site in that respect. You're at the pointy end of the development process and are an important part of shaping how a feature ends up. 


I hear this a lot. It makes me sad. Honestly. Let me state here, categorically, that we DO listen. We DO read all the comments and we do react to the things that are presented to us. 


YES, yes it is. Yes you are. Why would we release to BETA if we didn't actively want feedback and constructive evaluation?


Because we're releasing features for testing in isolation the site is going to look pretty messed up outside of that feature. For example the header in the BETA is confusing. Why? Because it's really only designed to work in the new framework and outside of watch you're in the old framework. This is why there's an opt in/out button bottom left of your browser.

We know that the header is basically broken in browse. There's currently no sub navigation available if you have the feature turned on. That means two things: firstly you need to turn the test off if you want to find What's Hot, or Undiscovered, and secondly that no we're not killing What's Hot or Undiscovered.

The dark style that watch has is the new branding that we're adopting. Those of you who use the mobile app, or read the hq journals (or follow any of the active staff members) will be aware of that style by now. This is just the natural evolution of the site. 


Yup, more than likely. This is due to the Watch BETA and can be rectified by turning off the test when you're outside of the Watch. Any features that were missing will reappear and will be present when the watch goes live in the future.


Nope, you can't. That's because it's a feed of items more akin to browse than your message center. Like I said, this isn't a replacement to the message center, it's designed to be complimentary.


They are not present in Watch as it stands today, but if you look cloely you'll see a COMMUNITY tab and this is where DDs will live when we finally go live. They'll get their own promotion and we still feel just as strongly about them as we always did. They'll also still be part of Browse (Explore).


Yes, at some point in the future everything will be rolled out to this style. If you want to know more about what features are coming be sure to keep an eye on the Timeline.


Short "nope" comments, whilst valid communication of your frustrations, are not all that helpful to me when trying to discern what it is that people don't like about a feature. Please please please try to be constructive and evaluate the feature before giving feedback. I totally appreciate that things will be confusing when you're first exposed to them but we can't help fix what's wrong without understanding what the issues are. Only fair right?


There's no strict way of giving feedback. However you feel you want to communicate things to us is good. Giving a constructive list of Pros, Cons and Bugs is a really smart way to do it though. That's what I personally find the most useful. 

If you're reporting a bug (or something that doesn't seem to make sense) then it's also useful to us that you include your browser version and what platform you're reporting from. Not essential but helps us track down system specific bugs.

You can comment on the launch article, or you can send me a comment here. If you prefer to chat via skype, or notes, then I will absolutely take time to do that. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.


Sure, but it's always nice to hear what we're doing well! Otherwise we might accidently remove things you liked unknowingly. Constructive criticism should be just that though, constructive. Be objective and remember that your comments will be read by a thinking, feeling human being (ie Me).


Yup, try navigating Peek views with your keyboard. You can go previous and next with your arrow keys, zoom in and out with the Z key and Fave and Save with F and S respectively. 


Turn on the Watch 2.0 (remember you can turn this off at any time). Please try to use it for a few hours at the very least. Then please reach out to me directly if you would prefer and I'll happily chat to you. 

Thanks guys, your time, feedback and help is really appreciated.


Happy Back To The Future Day!

Marty, Doc and Jennifer got here from 1985 in a DeLorean, we got here the long way around. Let's party like it's 2015 amirite?

Slightly disappointed that there's no hover boards, no flying cars and yes we still need roads where we're going. Also gutted that I can't book tickets for Jaws 19 in 3D.

What's more concerning is that after today this will be a film about events purely based in the past (thanks to Rushy for pointing that out to me). Mind blown?


Realising it has been nearly a year since I submitted any art (serious, not the various random tests that appear now and then) I figured I'd trawl my SSD and get some of my unfinished work actually submitted. It's kinda frustrating that I don't have the time to really delve into art as much as I want, so things get left unfinished a lot. Still, it's all good,  I'm happy I'm keeping my hand in and a lot of my creative energy is being directed directly at my site design work.

We're moving forwards very quickly here at DA UI/UX with a bunch of new features that are due out soon to beta. All very exciting actually, it's the first time in a long while that I'm genuinely pumped about big changes to the site. I know that we'll get the inevitable #changeitback conversations, but without change we die so it's going to inject fresh life into the place. Tackling some of the bigger projects on the site is both scary and immensely refreshing. You may have seen the Profile discussion that happened a while ago which generated a metric ton of really great feedback. We're in the process of collating all the information right now and will be moving forwards at some point really soon. You've probably also seen some thumbnail grid stuff floating around (depending on which staff member you watch) and that's REALLY cool... although not in the way you necessarily think - more like what it means in a wider concept, less what it means to a thumbnail. I wish you could all take a peek into what we're doing, so watch out for stuff hitting the Beta testers very soon. 

The mobile app is also generating a LOT of interest - something I'm really proud of. The newest features that we added (notes and notifications) were originally supposed to be in the initial release but due to time constraints we held it back so we could get the foundations right. I think that decision was right, even though at the time we were disappointed that we wouldn't be launching with a full feature set. But now I feel like when you use the mobile app you're a little closer to vision we originally had for the app. There are a few things yet to land on the app that will just finish it off, but nothing super major.

Much love


OK, OK, I know, I'm super bad at submitting or journalling or commenting or basically anything social right now. This does not mean however that I'm not lurking or that I'm not unbelievably busy with work. 

Oh, you do believe how busy I am? Believably busy doesn't sound as cool and mysterious though...

Let's recap. Over the past year I've been working mostly on the DA Mobile App. It was released in December and actually is doing pretty darn great. I appreciate that I may sound sort of surprised by that, so let me clarify: it was work done by me (and duke and other awesome people of course) and anyone who knows me knows that I'm super bad at self confidence. I've been purposefully avoiding looking at press since the launch for fear that it might get ripped to pieces. Don't read your own press and all that right? So I was pretty floored when yesterday I was told that it has over 1 million downloads and a rating of 4.2 on the android store (not looked at apple store yet). It's so lovely that it's been so well received especially considering it launched without a bunch of features, features which we wanted to include but ran out of time during the first phase of development to include properly. We're addressing that shortfall soon and I'm confident that it'll improve the rating to at least 4.3.... (there's that famous self confidence again).

Honestly though I'm pleased with the App. Punchy new brand, good UX, simple feature set (to fully appreciate it, make sure to log in - you'd be amazed how many people don't try that and miss out on their watch, submitting, notifications...)

We're also working on the main desktop site. I won't talk much about what we're doing suffice to say that all the "you never listen to us" commenters should be very very happy. I might write more on this soon (yeah Ian, in A YEAR MAYBE, you're such a loser...), but if you want to know what's coming up, head over to the new Timeline feature. The more observant of you should pick up on the Profile discussion that's pending on there... I can assure you that this is something you don't want to miss ;)

On a personal note, I moved house last year so any free time I've had has been spent grafting on home improvements. If I'm not creating in my work, I'm creating in the home. Go me. I think.

Also, it appears I've reached that special age where I'm now invisible to pretty much everyone. Which is great for my kleptomania, and probably good for my want of keeping myself to myself. But I kinda feel very... meh... about it.

I miss creating art, but what little I've done recently is not finished, nor is anything I'd post right now. All my energies are going into working within DA (on stuff you'll see REALLY soon...). I think I'm trying to say I'm spread thinly.

Other than that I'm enjoying the summer. I'm fitter and healthier than I've been in a long time and my head is in a reasonable place. It's all good :)

How 'bout you my friends? How's life with you?



I cannot, no matter what I do, get either my Bamboo or Intuos4 to work on OSX Yosemite. I've tried removing everything, restarting, reinstalling, restarting, etc etc and nothing seems to work. Worst case the tablets behave like a mouse, best case I get tablet functions but no pressure sensing.

I'm going crazy not being able to pick up the pen and sketch when i have 5 minutes to practice. I haven't done anything for weeks (let alone do stuff that I would want to submit here).

Anyone got any suggestions? I can't be the only one...


If I had a Spirit Animal... What would it be?

So, did you guess which ones I made? BetchadidntevenknowIhad.

well, I submitted a couple of images to the prank:

Headspace by zilla774  thoughtart by zilla774

Looking at the Popular submissions this week, I see the second one a LOT! Which frankly is staggering and is probably the first time in a good few years that my work has hit the front page of dA... slightly ironic in that it's anonymous. But not bad for a 10 minute sketch :D

I hope you guys all had fun with the April Fools, I know we did thinking it all up.



Wishing you all a very successful and prosperous 2014.



Seasons Greetings Everyone :)

Hope you have a great holiday.


A New Road to Travel

When I was first approached with the project to redesign and replace our user symbols I was naturally quite shocked. For those of us who've been part of deviantART for a long while, changing the username symbols seemed like changing the colour of the sky, or asking everyone to suddenly start walking backwards, right? It seemed like such a fundamental part of what deviantART is that it was hard to take on board. But then really, when you think about it, the old symbols were meaningless at face value. And that, my dear friends, is exactly why we set about looking at rethinking them.

Think about when you first found and joined deviantART. Did any of the symbols make sense? Did you stop and think "what is this ~ before my name and why is it there?" Maybe, but possibly you're probably like me and just kinda accepted it because that's the reality presented to you. After a while, though, you'd have seen the * and maybe even a ` or ^ and found out that they were a different type of member, but you probably still didn't know what that meant or even where to find out. I remember clearly that I absolutely had to have a * the moment a friend of mine got theirs. Was it because of the * or because of what it meant? Absolutely the later. It set you aside; it made you special. Well, that's how I felt at the time, anyway. Hopefully you can relate.

The other thing I felt was sadness. Having the old symbols was like part of your deviantART psyche. It's part of the landscape. Realising in that moment that we were going to lose those symbols (speaking selfishly as someone who never thought they'd ever get a $ in front of their name) and therefore some of our old identity was quite a moment. Let me assure you that everyone on staff feels the same. We are all aware that this is a very important thing for not only deviantART as a site, but more importantly for its community.

The Brief

The initial brief for this project was that we would be replacing characters with icons that would be clearer in their meaning. At the outset we had the symbol be accompanied by a label. In fact, that was one of the primary reasons the new symbols would be moved from the left to the right of the user name.

Further more, I added to this by imposing technical requirements: symbols should scale in the same way as the original characters, feel like an extension of the username, work in multiple environments and not clash with the deviant avatars.  

Initial Development

To match all the requirements and because the symbol was going to be accompanied by text, the whole item had to be packaged in a block or a "label". Which gave us this test:

Pm-symbols-test by zilla774

Clearly, whilst this worked for larger comment titles, it wasn't going to work for smaller areas. The choice at that point was to remove user name "labels" in smaller areas, or remove the text and place that in a tooltip (something we had in the works for a long while before the start of this project, but never seemed to make the live site). We chose the later, which moved us to this:

Pm-symbols-test2 by zilla774

Initially this was fine, but the more I tested it, the more the box felt clunky and unnecessary. I was also realising that whilst the boxing might solve problems with spacing and icon size further down the road it wasn't going to scale.

To add to this, initially I was using the traditional PNG icon approach and to cater for the myriad of sizes and colors necessary to support our entire network, the creation and maintenance of a PNG spritesheet would be pure insanity.

There needed to be a more flexible approach.

From an Image to a Font

This flexible approach was kinda obvious. What icon could behave in the same way a font character behaved? Another font. 

I'd recently rebuilt the UI for deviantART muro using a webfont - dramatically improving page load times, plus the look on retina screens and mobile devices was amazing. But using this technique across the whole of dA? deviantART muro is limited to HTML5 capable browsers, which basically means a small set of very modern browsers all easily capable of handling custom fonts nicely.

Pushing this technique to the entire deviantART network was going to introduce problems not encountered before - namely older, less forgiving browsers.

So I set about testing various webfont approaches until I was sure that this was scalable across the whole of our network. This was definitely the defining part of this project; once I knew I could support this, building out the vectors and then webfont was the easy part.

Creating the New Icons

Now I had the rough concept and the technology locked down, the next stage of the project was to design the actual icons themselves. We had to translate from, lets face it, pretty randomly chosen characters to more meaningful icons. I also set myself an additional goal - if possible, create icons which tied back to the previous symbols in a way that made them identifiable to our current members.

The premium member icon was first. The obvious solution is a star. It's also something we use a lot around the site and so ties nicely to the dA theme.

Premium-comparison by zilla774
(old * shown in Trebuchet, next to new star)

Then came the volunteer icon. Here was my first pass:

     Volunteer-comparison by zilla774
The ^ is referred to internally as the volunteers "hat", hence why I went for a crown, I also tried a top hat...

The shape of the seniors' "tick" or ` was already hinting at a medal shape, and it's an award that is given in recognition, so that also made sense. I felt strongly that it was important to try to reflect the transition from a Premium Member to a Senior Member in some way, and the obvious solution was including the Premium star in the design. I tried a few variations before getting it right:

Seniors-comparison by zilla774

Next, the new icon - 'til hell freezes over. And that could only ever be a flame.  

Flame-large by zilla774
The final issue was how to approach the staff icon. I didn't want to carry forward the dollar aspect of the symbol. This is something I think we generally disliked the connotations of, even though it was originally chosen because we were paid staff rather than volunteer staff. After a few failed attempts at things like peace icons, or a thumbs-up, I tested a lightning bolt which was closer in dimensions to the $, but it still didn't feel good.

I went back a step and just tried the dA icon:

dA-logo by zilla774

Now I had a set that worked together. But there where some problems. At a small size, some of these icons sucked. The flame and crown were just a mess small, and worse: the deviantART logo was either too wide, or too tiny when compared to the other icons. The vibe just wasn't quite right.

All-compare by zilla774

Back to the drawing board

With the help of an icon starvingartist had already produced, I refined the flame icon, which helped it look a whole lot nicer smaller.
Flame-final by zilla774
Then I ditched the crown and tried a heart. This felt, to me, much more in keeping with the vibe the volunteers have: those guys give their time freely for the love of the community. 

Heart by zilla774
Finally, the dA logo. As you can see in the comparisons below the logo is actually pretty complex with multiple strokes when you break it down. These strokes are the main issue when you shrink them right down in size. They just go to mush. My first take attempted to balance the stokes to achieve the same feel, but still wasn't working, the second wasn't much of an improvement, so the final idea just took the internal structure and removed the stroke entirely. The end result was much stronger. Plus, being boxed it fixed the spacing issue.

dA-logo-comparison by zilla774
Beta tester versions were simply a matter of taking the original symbol and making it an outline. This was the simplest solution I could find without reinventing each symbol, adding to the icon in some way, or relying heavily on color. The Groups icon we already had, so that was that.

I still had the problem remaining of boxing verses unboxing. The icons were so strong on their own that I opted to just remove the box and go for it.

Anatomy for Beginners

Now I had a workable solution. The final set balanced nicely, looked roughly how we had stuff before and would scale.

Final-set by zilla774

I was adamant that the only way this was going to actually fly was if the symbol behaved in a way that made it feel attached to the username. Using font characters such as $ and * was easy, but this approach was much harder to get accurate. In practice, I found that if the symbol alignment was off by even 1 pixel, it looked really really odd. 

Therefore, the next part of the design process was to build out HTML demonstrators which not only proved the theory actually worked in practice, but also locked down the style guidelines.

Comment-demo by zilla774 Link-demo by zilla774 
(examples taken from a prototype demonstrator - many more areas were tested)

Once this was browser tested and signed off we started building the live version (big shout to fartprincess who did the implementation). As I had expected at the start of this project, we encountered a lot of issues with the sheer volume of placements you can find usernames. It was getting kinda crazy, so to help out fartprincess and myself I built out another demo which included an "Anatomy of a Username" guide. This allowed us to understand exactly how the user symbol should be presented in any given size, name, or type scenario. This improved the process dramatically.

Guide-demo by zilla774

And finally...

The solutions seem kinda obvious when I read this back, but this process took many weeks of discussion and a not insignificant amount of soul searching over if we should do this in the first place before I even started doing any design work.

No doubt we'll continue to refine the designs, and thank you to everyone who has contributed to the end result. I'm really proud of these symbols, and as Heidi said in the launch article (, I hope these new symbols will have just as much meaning and visual attachment as ever.

Hope y'all found this interesting!



p.s for those that are interested, I've submitted a vector pack of all the new symbols for use around the site: 


Journal Entry: Mon May 13, 2013, 2:48 AM
May 13th, 2003.

The day I joined deviantART.

That was ten years ago. A decade

In that time I've been married, divorced, married again, welcomed my two children into the world, been held in rapture at new friendships and grieved over friends passing, attended devmeets with over 400+ people and made more art than I ever ever thought I would. I've been a member, premium member, a volunteer Gallery Moderator, and now a Core Staff member, running a department within deviantART. 

Had anyone told me that my life would unfold in that way ten years ago I simply wouldn't have believed them. The impact that this single website has had on the direction my life has travelled is profound. It has shaped me as a person, as an artist and as a professional. It has enriched my life and those of my family and friends. 

So at this time, ten years passing, how can I possibly sum up my experience in a drawing, or a photograph or a cake or anything else? I thought long and hard about it, I had planned on doing something to mark its passing but I realised that anything I attempt to do will just not do justice. How can you distil the experience and impact into something that small? You can't. Well, I can't anyways. I think my gallery speaks for itself on this. Go back ten years and see what I was doing back then, vs what I've done since. Quite the journey. Even though I regret not having done as much as I could, and the fact that my life is so full of other things that I get precious little time for art, I'm immensely proud of my achievements to date. All because of this one website. 

Kinda blows your mind really doesn't it?

Yes dA has its faults. Yes I'd love to change things about it. Yes I'm actively working to make those things better and make the changes we ALL want and the site NEEDS. But despite its failings and because of its successes I am what I am. You are what you are. It's enriched all our lives and for that I am massively, stupidly, overwhelmingly grateful. 

I wanted to namecheck everyone that's important to me here, but then I realise that the list would be way way too long for this journal and you, dear reader. But I guess there are a few people who deserve special mention. 

spyed - Angelo, you started this ride, and for that I am grateful. humbled even.
fourteenthstar - Fiona, we've talked every day since I started on staff in 2007 (and a good deal before). You're the best. Although you can't hide from being Chixor forever. You'll always be that username for me ;)
starvingartist, nutnics, Leelor, duke, adkbamf, electricnet - UI Team present and past. You guys keep me sane and keep me sharp. I bow to your skills and friendship.
Heidi - Quiet, but with so much presence and such an awesome AWESOME person. The true heart of deviantART. 
Pachunka - If heidi is the heart, simon, you are the crazy, adrenaline pumping adrenal glands of deviantART. The part that keps me excited and wanting more every day in my job. 
OnlyTheGoodNotes - You had the biggest impact of my professional life here. Here's to you buddy. 
randomduck - dT's head, and underneath that cuddly bear exterior beats the heart of a My Little Pony cosplayer. If only he'd let it out to run free.
draweverywhere, mudimba - Forest & Mike, you guys single handedly dragging my colour usage out of red and black. Working on deviantART MURO has been an education not only in art but also quantum physics.
dualdesigns - I miss you. Every single day since you passed. I've never said it before and never will again.
All the deviantART $taff - OMG guys, just... OMG. What an amazing set of people.
All my watchers - Seriously guys thank you. To have one person think my work is worthy of praise is mindblowing, let alone nearly ten thousand of you. Honestly, seek medical help right now.

There are lots and lots of you that I haven't listed here. For that I'm sorry, but you guys know how I feel about you anyways :heart:

With that said, I'll leave you with one thing. Sentimental fool that I am, I think this song sums up nicely how I feel about all this:
Only a few things will we recall
With love, with gratitude
Only a few things
On the hour in which I die

So if I cannot tell you
If the words I do not find
I want you to know
There are only a few things
That I will be carrying
In my memory when I go

you brought joy to my world
So I will tell you now
In case you don't know
That you'll be with me
When I go

Thank you.


Almost 10yrs

Journal Entry: Thu May 9, 2013, 1:41 AM
Monday, 13th May, marks my 10 year anniversary of joining dA. So, what should I do to celebrate on the day? Write a long rambling journal about my time here? Submit some suitably themed artwork? Bake a caek? Get nekked* or something else completely different? 

Your choice. Suggestions welcome.

I guess I vote for a short journal which says "yay 10 years" and leave it at that :D


*i realise the temptation to choose this, but lets face it, this aint ever gonna be an option, not with my schmazin' good looks and fearsome ripped body**
** this is, of course, a lie.

Goodbye tastebuds

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 26, 2013, 3:02 AM
Taking a sip of the drink that had just been placed on my desk (thanks mom!), I thought to myself "this coffee hasn't got sugar in it, ew".

It took a couple more sips to realise that it was in fact not a cup of coffee, but a cup of tea.

Clearly my tastebuds are fucked.


i suck.

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 14, 2013, 6:51 AM
wow, not written a journal entry since August last year. I suck.

what's happening? we're busy as hell working on new features for dA, exploring new ideas, getting up and running...

I guess this is me for the next six months then... new journal in August I'm sure.

how are you?



Journal Entry: Wed Aug 1, 2012, 7:09 AM
For the love of God, someone buy me one of these. In black. Now. I want this so hard.

that is all.


Hyde Park devmeet

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 2, 2012, 2:45 AM

Wow. London clearly likes to break records. In 2009 on the World Tour devmeet we pushed the total attendees to 300. In 2012 we have now pushed that to well over 400 (pushing 500 across the entire day so I'm told). Cricky!

I have to admit to being somewhat nervous about the attendance figures as the HQ blog raced to well above 1000 sign ups. Not to mention as a bunch of us staffers walked into Hyde Park (carrying 400 cupcakes... another story), to be greeted by 200+ people already at the monument, there was a whole bunch of WTFs and OMGs going on.

But ya know, as with all things dA, things were just, well, chilled. You'd think that 400 people in one place would be crazytiems. But to be honest this was the most chilled out devmeet I've been to. No drama, just a (huge) group of artists of all shapes and sizes sitting around getting to know each other. It was very very cool.

So congratulations and big thanks to everyone who turned up and made the day a lot of fun for everyone.

check out this fabulous group shot here: London Picnic Meet 2012 by Narfmaster and go visit this stash link here: to see a whole lot more.

I'm sure there's gonna be more meet photos posted so if anyone cares to link them here I'll add them to the list :) thanks!



Folding Paper Style Hover - Tutorial

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 7, 2012, 2:39 AM

There's a curent trend towards this style of hover, or swipe effect, on the 'net right now.  I'm seeing more and more in design concepts on places like dribbble. It's a really great effect, but I got to thinking, how would you actually achieve this with only CSS? So I sat down over the weekend to try working it out. Turns out it's insanely simple.

Thought it might make for a really interesting tutorial too. Let me know what you think!



name change

Journal Entry: Thu May 17, 2012, 1:18 AM

If you could change my name: Zilla774,  to something else, would you? what would it be?

Or do you think it would be weird for me to be something else?



9 years

Journal Entry: Sun May 13, 2012, 9:53 AM

9 Years on deviantART.... wow. Another year has shot by with indecent speed!

One more year til double figures. 10 years is kinda the milestone, right? Not that 9 isn't mind blowing enough of course. No other website has garnered this much attention from me ever.... apart from maybe hotmail. But maybe that doesn't count right? heh ;)

Onwards and upwards!



New deviantART muro + Redraw!

Journal Entry: Tue May 8, 2012, 2:25 AM


The new deviantART muro featuring Redraw!

Draw with Muro Now!
Sharpen your skills and showcase your unique technique in a whole new way.

Alien Practice

by $draweverywhere

The Making of Pepper

by `Artgerm


by *tinkerpaws


So yeah, new muro, new slicker UI and redraw. For those of you who are not beta testers, redraw is the most awesome muro feature EVER. Muro now saves everything you do automatically. It also allows you to share your paintings and let people play back your work stroke for stroke! You can do this in embedded players, on the deviation page or even switch to the full Artist View which plays the piece live in muro!!

Outstanding, right?

Here's some of my recent pieces as examples:

all that you deserve redraw by zilla774

bruised redraw by zilla774   battered redraw by zilla774   beaten redraw by zilla774

Super excited about this. Myself and the rest of the muro team have worked long hours to bring this to you. Go try it out!