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Continuing my minimalistic desky theme. Just playing around with the style here. Silly for sillys sake ;)

illustrator CS
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made me laugh
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the message i get from this is that 1 out of 4 people are pirates....
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Hello!! ^^
We have a pirate's group. Would you like to join our group Pirates-JollyRoger? =^_______^=

grayseer-thanquol's avatar
in fact (just checked) he didn't even hide the watermark...
grayseer-thanquol's avatar
love it! fyi, i think sum1 stole this... [link]
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Lmao Love it
Shadowof-Mahogany's avatar
Hehe, I want this on a t-shirt, haha.
whsprsinthedrk's avatar
This is now my desktop. hehe, thanks.
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ooooo very nice piece. Yeah i love these kinds of pics. First time ive seen a pirate pic though good job!
LazyAges's avatar
awesome ass pic, new desktop background. YARGH!
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:lol: Fantastic! Love it!! :clap:
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How do you know you're a pirate?
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I made a NG sig of it! [link]
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I think I just found my new wallpaper! haha
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This is the best mousepad ever, by the way! :) Thanks.
raiawoman's avatar
Man that is just brilliant!!!!!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Yar har fiddledee dee
Being a pirate is alright with me
Do what you want cause a pirate is free
You are a prate!
angrybadger82's avatar
So minimal, so awesome!
SarahTheWhat's avatar
Its okay to be different!! :D

Great pic by the way! :thumbsup:
Lika-Hacara's avatar
thats amazing >.< nice work ^.^
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Yarr! Love it :)
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