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well, the title says it all really. file under "does exactly what it says on the tin"

This is the third in my laughably entitled "children's illustrations" series.

I started this image at around the same time as the others in the series but for one reason or another never got around to finishing it pat more than a sketch. I always intended to finish it sooner than this, but hey, stuff happened.

This was created from the ground up in Photoshop.

The other two images are:

Big Fish Little Fish: [link]
sleeping with the fishes: [link]
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i love this !! i have a band, do u think i could use it for the artwork for our album. we only do this for fun. thanks for getting back to me
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I enjoyed this and remembered the dark side of childhood. I used to lay in bed and think good thoughts hoping to keep the strange from my dreams. I find that exploring the dark is always a journey. Lets hope yours continues.
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Love it.
That's it that all to say.
Lets just admit to myself that you are lord and master. I love all your work.
I wish something like that lived under my bed.
how you could ever do this in photoshop I will never know. then again I can't paint in real life so I don't have much hope for painting in photoshop either lol. absolutely amazing work! nice and dark
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this will forever make me smile.
love it
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He actually looks like a friendly monster... He has nice eyes. I really like the lighting in this.. It's like a dull musty glow. And I like the almost comic-book like look of the scared child. Great work
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I remember this monster from when I was young ... no wait, I think it was just last week I woke up and had the strangest floating feeling ...
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looks like summin inspired by dominique louis the art director of mosters inc

none the less its good-
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jaja, it loks cool!
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This is amazing. I love it!
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realy cool. i remember the fear.
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I love your art. It's always so fun to just browse through the stuff you submit ^__^ Great job. Do you paint with a tablet and if so, what flavour?
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thanks :)

I use a wacom intuos2
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Oooh, schmexy. My cousin got a giant intuos 3 and I am very tempted to steal it :ninja: Heh
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This just made me laugh.. but I love it! :D

I wish I had monsters under my bed like that.. no fair.. :( :P
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I really love the lighting and the design of your monster. It looks kinda cute in a 'bite your face off' kind of way :)
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Yano I would pay for there to be more kids books illustrated like this. Everything is too cuddly and fluffy now :(
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looks nice, i enjoy viewing your work :D
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Ooooh, so that's what Calvin and Hobbes were talking about!
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