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moooooo *ZAP* mmmmmburgergoodness

tee hee, oh manwas this ever fun to do. Whilst working on a few neat little iconic designs for various things, I came up with the alien and the cow independently of each other and well, they just HAD to be put together ;)

hopefully this cheers people up as much as it does me when I look at it on my desktop :D

ZIP contains larger 1600x1200 version.
© 2006 - 2021 zilla774
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Ha!! The aliens want burgers...
This is wonderful. <3
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Thank you! It definitely cheers one up)
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this wallpaper is being used as a theme called "SuperNes" in orkut website. [link]

Cheers :D
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Mooo, more mooo. :-)
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LOL i love it! :giggle: must be my desktop [[:
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Can't believe that I never fav'd this.
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:moo: Hello
Your Cow picture has been feature here:
Help mom! An Alien stole my Cow!! :cowtwo:
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2 years late, but still...

i love it!
it puts me in a good mood
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This picture has been targeted by Freaks of the World United! :clap:
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this is great!! im addin this to my faves!:+fav:
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hehehe thats great! :D love the cow's expression
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Great Wallpaper Man :] gratz !!
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It says "Abducted by zilla774" O_o
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It makes me happy...
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Funny wallpaper! Is use it on my desktop at work - everytime I see this pic... I must smile. :D

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