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We Are Legion

fancied have a try at some skeletons for a change... I really like the wierd poses you can put them into. So this is my first go at a couple of ideas I've got. I've reached a point with this image where I feel I need to get it up here and then move onto the next one. Its not perfect, but I'm fairly happy with the results.

skeletons rendered in 3D Studio Max. Posed and rendered in 30 mins (LOL - not a rush job or anything then ;) )

all other work done over 1 day in Photoshop. Standard Photoshop brushes (cloud one?)
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Legion eh?

So... where's the rest 995 wicked souls then?
Kabuto-Uchiha's avatar
whoa, that has to be one of the most detailed pics I've ever seen :omfg: I love your work :D
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Very cool. Reminds me of EQ2 for some reason.
ANIMAfelis's avatar
Beautiful work! It's almost as if they're about to jump out of the screen and eat u alive!
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give me a few drinks and i still would not figt them.
kickass piece!!!
nalia's avatar
hahah looks like the three of my exs
DarthMaster's avatar
Wow again and again to your works!
You are a great man u know...

May The Force Be With You!
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Holy Hell!!! It looks awesome.. I love it!!!! Keep up the great job!

:blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose:
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wow that is so awesome!! nice work!!

you got the bones just right!!
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Damn this is great. Dark & horrible but still makes me smile. Fantastic job:)
Zombie-Graves's avatar
I like how you gave them all green eyes and how they seem to be smoking... It also contrasts well with the red. Overall, it has a very nice effect. Good work :)
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Great! Beautiful eyes! :P
+ fav !
devilishlycrazy's avatar
holy shit thats mad! those eyes are awesome! they're kinda creepy, but i love them =P
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This is bad as hell man!! Great looking skelletons!! You got to love those eyes! Very very cool. Im makeing this a wall for my desktop right now!! :+fav:
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Pretty spooky, i gotta hand it to ya.
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The dust/fire/whatever it is in the middle of the picture seems a bit soft or something (I'm not much of an expert on art, and I only noticed it when I looked closely). A fine picture. I eagerly await your next creation!
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this is really well done, I like the green glow, and the colors for the background, great're getting really good at this...keep it up!
Phektion's avatar
very very stylefull pic man!
vediant's avatar
ohh dudethats so nice.
great smoke and lighting! :D
bw-rainbowz's avatar
HOLY !@#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
OMG THAT IS SO F***ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
garfield101's avatar
eerie!!! cool!!! i liek the eyes!!! though its a little dark its ok!!! :clap: :clap:
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