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what a day of contrasts. I start the day with cute cows and space aliens, and end the day with zombie baby puppet master things. Even I'm starting to worry about myself....

5 hours work from start to finish in one session. The doll mask (the left side of the face) was the inspiration. I am afraid I cheated the background wall to save time (frankly I couldn't be arsed) and used a bit of stock from stk-xchg and just tiled it for convenience. There are also some of my standard textures in there to give my usual nasty skin look.The hands and feet gave me a particularily nasty time, but by far the hardest part was the puppet... string is so FRICKING HARD to do okthx.

This is 99% what i had in my head, so I'm pretty pleased I could get the image down almost as I wanted. Five hours could probably be considered a speed paint...

Photoshop CS2 + wacom intuos2
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Wow... So dark

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Love this piece. Can I ask what the size is of this painting and how you got such a great pic onto the computer to upload? I have paintings that are too big for my scanner.
This is ridiculously kick-ass
Simply amazing
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I fell in love with this wallpaper, It deserves a fav & my love
Great Job!! <3
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Brilliant idea and work! I love the flaking skin on the zombie baby and the chains holding the puppet. The blood on the floor is NICE. Must.
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superb concept. I do adore the surreal look of your works :+fav:
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creepy..but lovely =D
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I always put this as my desktop theme, and it scares my friends haha! Great work love it!
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oh no, not again :( :+fav:
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If I could tripple :+fav: it I would!! :clap:
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Wow. Holy cow, this is spectacular.
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incredible :jawdrop: I love the innocent babymask, and then how it slides into the face of an zombiebabything!!! SCARY...
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this is so freaking scary its damn near unbelieveable..

this is gonna gimme some nasty nightmares....
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superb imagination... :#1:
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Scary and awesome :O
I don't know why, but baby and child kind of zombies scare me more than the normal adult ones. :S xP
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Totally awesome. I love the mask and face behind it. Well done.
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killer peice i love this so much and I love the shades used in this peice as well as the mask looks really cool by the way well done.
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Master! Master!
Master of puppets are pulling the strings!
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cheat or no, that's ridiculously disgusting. I love it.
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