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Pepsi Can ID Tutorial - Part 2

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This assumes you have a reasonable working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. The version I use is Illustrator CS, but I have no reason to think that versions 9 and 10 wouldn't be able to cope with similar instructions.

The tutorial describes how to make a drinks can, in this case in the style of Pepsi, but can be applied to any drinks brand.

The original can design was done as a DA ID for =dualdesigns
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artistamroashryProfessional Digital Artist
Oh my god it's amazing.. thank u for sharing your ideas.. great work
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It's just amazing ...

I love it ...

I'll try to tto to ... Do like this wondreful Can

Thanks alot

You're great
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The tutorial so far is great but I'm having trouble at step 4. Ive created the halftone effect on a new layer below the metal effect. I have it set at 25% but when I make it 'overlay' it disappears. What am I doing wrong?
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zilla774Professional Interface Designer
I'm not entirely sure, without seeing what you have done I can't tell what the problem is :(
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aww its so disappointing. ive been playing with this tutorial for an hour or more and i really wanted to finish it..its a great tutorial by the way..i just cannot figure out where iv'e gone wrong. maybe ill start part two from scratch. :(
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ohnojayloProfessional General Artist
lol I found this when looking up inking tutorials XD
pretty schnazzy. man my image is so going to look like crap next to your stuff :lol:
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zilla774Professional Interface Designer
noes! your stuff is awesome!
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i need tutorials 4 Adobe Illustrator CS
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vozzzProfessional Filmographer
i got a question, which i think you used in this tutorial so it shoudl be possible. How do you make a gradient going from 90% opacity to like 3% opacity? I know how to do it in photoshop, but not here.

Great tutorial by the way :D
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excellent dive into your technique :clap:

cheers for great tutorials.
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i understand why u have so many visits... ua re one of the best designers around here. this tutorial is amazing :)
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zilla774Professional Interface Designer
thx very much :D
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you are a God, man.

i've been following you quietly for months now, and you keep churning out these amazing works of art. whether it's 3D, raster or vector you master them all. thanks for the amazingly detailed and intuitive tuts.

i bow to you, Sir.
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zilla774Professional Interface Designer
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OfirAbeProfessional Photographer
this is so cool!
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You make it look so easy!! Thank you so much for all your time and trouble. This is a well layed out tutorial; clear, concise, informative.--AG
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zilla774Professional Interface Designer
my pleasure, if its useful :D
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cyberphobiaProfessional Digital Artist
oh, hell...

you do a photorealistic sh*t in illustrator.. cool
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thats pretty cool ;)
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great tutorial
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guliozStudent Interface Designer
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