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Relatively quick photomanipulation, just using the mouse.

Using stock from these lovely people:





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interesting choice of colors mate.
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Lovely ghost-like earie imagine.. and the manipulation skiles are A+
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First word that came out of my mouth when I saw this...*pause, stare* Awesome! The coloring, and how you used everyone's stock really works on giving off an interesting vibe.
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Awesome, would be a great album cover
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you've been featured here: [link]
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yea....been a long day........! :D
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you've been featured here: [link]
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it also totally reminds me of the american lady you mentioned, who asked you if all trains are steam powered trains in england.

my only suggestion is, remove some of the dots/ dust around the body, they make the image seem flattter, and blend the foreground with the background, giving it a sort of curtain effect,
don't know if that's what you were going for, but i'm guessing not.
Especially leading down to the black/feet, if you removed some of those, or made them less opaque, it would work better.
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somehow this makes perfect sense.
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Seems simple but really cool ! ;)
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I have featured this work in my journal. link
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this is some manip all thumbs up sweet!
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See, this is the stuff that gets you interviews. Very lovely atmosphere!
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That is pretty sweet. On a brief pass of the piece, I have to say "Excellent job."
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Excellent work. Super job on compositing the various elements. The palette, composition, and scale all work together very well. Great job.
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That is brilliant!
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That is a really cool concept that can have such a huge amount of meanings! Really good job. Love the colors, too.
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VERY nice work Zilla. It's trippy to not see a head. The cane is a nice touch of class. I'm a little sad that there's not something in the BG that he's walking away from. Ahh well. The smoke work is stellar!
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