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Dreaming of the Sea

Created from scratch with Photoshop and Intuos2 tablet.

Well, I'm pretty happy overall with this picture. This is the very first time I have done water and waves and I'm quite chuffed that the bottom part of the image looks like water ;)

Again, Clouds feature quite highly in this submission, mainly to do with me being quite confident that I can achieve fairly convincing cloud shapes...

Joking aside, I'm loving creating these recent pictures, especially this one. I'm just letting the image grow and seeing what sort of vibe I'm getting early on and this is helping me loads in getting inspired and finishing the image.

I'm getting a little more confident now, so hopefully this is a little sharper and a little more structured than the previous submission. Its still a little dark, but I'm putting more and more into things so hopefully I'll do a daylight scene some day soon ;) Right now I'm just digging the hard contrasts that this sort of scene provides - the spray on the waves and the cloud edging was sooo much fun to do.

Original image is 2400x3600 and took around 2 evenings to complete.
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I love the pics so much i wish i can get more about night at the sea.
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Please , give me this planet texture )
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Stunning and gorgeous yet also eye blinding beautiful Grace the moon and water!!!
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Really depp! Is it okey to use the link of this page as my image of a book I have read for school ?
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The sky is such a masterpiece.
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Es tan...tranquilizante
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this is sooooo cool!!! U r so very talented!
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Absolutely gorgeous. :aww:
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This is really beautiful, it almost made me cry... it makes me remember one of the best days of my life: alone with my boyfriend, the night, the cold wind blowing, the sea, the full moon reflecting silver sparkles in the waves, an electric storm coming from the horizon, stars and constellations, even weird red lights in the sky :s but the most important, we could see what's really inside the other... awww sorry for telling you things that maybe doesn`t care to others but, really, you made me cry...
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I have this pic in a wordpress theme on my blog xD! That's why it seemed so familiar to me :P! (link on my sig if you want to check)
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very beautiful love it :love:
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it just looks so peaceful...
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Awesome ,it inspires me right away to work on my cloud technique :D
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I really loves this!
ITs so great you have talent!!!

May I use this image?
I'll show you to results.

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It definitely gives a sense of being on the shore where dreams accumulate.

I too dream of the sea. Look up a place called Croatia or more specifically: Losinj. You'll see what i mean :sleepy:
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Amazing! I love it.
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I just simply love it:)
the name for it is perfect!
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its so wondeful =,)
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