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Celtic Knot Tutorial

This is a simple Celtic Knot tutorial for Illustrator. This is designed as a complete beginners guide to Illustrator. It is not version specific, although it should be noted that this was created in Illustrator CS.

All the techniques described here can be used on more complicated celtic knots.

The finished image could, or rather should ;) , be taken into Photoshop for the addition of textures and shadowing etc.

Hope this is useful.

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Terror-From-Beyond's avatar
Great tutorial, having some trouble with my version of Illustrator but I'll get there
NSTaLL's avatar
Good tutorial ^^
SkaldicArts's avatar
This is a great tutorial! Thanks
anotherdamian's avatar
Snazzy little tutorial there, sir! Thanks for sharing.
3greenfrog's avatar
how do you get the guide lines? is it drawn on or is it a ps function?
annenime's avatar
hi! i was wondering how you used the scissor tool? anyone? :D mine keeps cutting the guide lines but it doesnt cut my celtic knot :p does anybody had the same trouble?

thanks :D
MoonShinersDaughter's avatar
Beautifull and simple tutorial, well done and many thanks.
serpentis's avatar
I can't wait to try this out!
TrueKaoz's avatar
Excellent tutorial very quick and easy, although i'm having a bit of difficulty with the last step, how do you get rid of those annoying lines where you cut the paths?
Much appreciated =)
Exitus-Acta-Probat's avatar
Nice tut. Thanks for sharing.
IAmNotLunatic's avatar
Kaptn-K's avatar
Shit man, this was great! Had some trouble with step 10 but I guess it was my computer screwing with me.

Naoko-the-miko's avatar
Just what I needed!
Uhm, i think im the only one struggling with this. Im new to the program. How might i make it so the circles overlap one another? It wont let me do it as each of the circles are underneath eachother or over the top of one another. 'arranging' them doesnt change anything either..
Thayel-Windsong's avatar
Great tutorial, it helped me a lot. Thanks!
Al-Kabeer's avatar
Excellent work… THANKS a lot... Keep it up!
Atsuiai's avatar
Thanks Zilla for making this tutorial! I used here: [link]

dragonspeaker's avatar
This is really cool, I'm going to try it out! Thank you. :)
TazounsBones's avatar
:) I don't have Illustrator but i think my ol' coreldraw may do the trick.

;) Thanks for creating this tutorial. Take care. ~ :w00t: cheers!
wixcat's avatar
This is great
Matdredalia's avatar
Really great tutorial, thank you! I've been looking for something like this! :)

I wanted to note that I don't use Illustrator, I use PSP 7, but this is still completely do-able in any graphics program I can think of!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)
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