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Adeptus Mechanicus v.1

One of the biggest influences of my formative years was Warhammer 40K from Games Workshop. I recently discovered I still have all the original 40K rulebooks and it got me thinking that I should really do a tribute. I mean, my work would surely fit in somewhere right? I then had to think where and the obvious place was the Adeptus Mecanicus

So here he is, a loyal servant of the machine god, more machine than man, carrying out his daily duties keeping the machine spirits in good working order. The back story for all the 40K stuff is fascinating, so check out the links and go see for yourself the twisted world of Warhammer 40K.

reference for the hood from *Cobweb-stock

I'm working on a more expansive wallpaper version which I might get round to submitting in the next few days.

All 40K and warhammer references copyright Games Workshop.
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never seen a take on it where the machine takes its tole on the flesh like it 
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Nice! the eye creeps me out though lol
dang i never knew thats what they looked like from up close well i mean i knew they had the metal plating and the auto sensors but i never suspected it looked like this
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I love this picture, even though I hate Adeptus Mechanicus, cos I consider thir beliefs heretic and their humanity thrown away.
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OMFG looks lke foto!
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so thats what they look like up im amazed on the detail and mood you have done.
may you have the blessings of the omnissiah XD
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Marvellous work.

Although its interesting you added the Imperial Aquila to its head, as most of the Mechanicus, if not all of it, worship the Omnissiah, the machine god, and not the Emperor.
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The Aquila can be used for either the Imperium or the Mechanicus, as the Aquila is ment to represent the two human empires, The Imperium of man and the Forge Worlds of the Mechanicus
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To the best of my knowledge, the Aquila solely represents the Imperium, the two eagles represent the past and the future, whereas the Mechanicus uses a cogwheel or mechanical skull for their symbol.

'The symbol of the Adeptus Mechanicus is a skull, half-bone and half-machine, set against the background of a black and white cog.'

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Beautiful work really, is he a watcher in the dark? Because he has a strange inhuman eye...
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Deus Mechanicus Incarnate. May the Omnissiah fav this AWESOME image! :D
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Awesome, you should really do a full picture of him, not only a portrait. Best tech priest picture on this site!
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Whoah, that's freaking awesome! I admire the textures too!
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adds a whole new meaning to 'grim darkness of the far future' does that.
very dark.
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:nirvana: i'm shoked, very cool character :nirvana:
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lol it's my sister
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very good job!!!!!!!!!!
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colors tones and details are just superb, spectacular piece :)
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Praise be to the Machine God

This image is amazing - captures the essence of admech. Now off to purge some corrupt data files before heresy sets in.
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