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A Gift of Moonlight

Lets ignore the fact that this is pin...pi.... not-quite-purple and move straight onto more interesting stuff....

More experimenting with the Intuos on this image. I've kinda got the hang of clouds now, so wanted to try something else I've never been able to do - trees. The contrast of this image hides a multiitude of sins with my abilities, but over all I'm quite pleased that I've managed to make them look at least half way towards being trees even if they are a little impressionistic.

Again with this I used techniques I would have employed had it been oil painting, but the great thing about the PC is the ctrl-Z button ;)

Overall, once I had a couple of goes to get the trees right I just let the picture grow itself. Like previous submissions I was going for more of a vibe and a mood than any particular focus. Set this as ur desktop and let it just pull you in, thats the sort of feel I was going for.

Original image is 2400x1600 so theres a hefty bit of cropping and resizing for this submission. Which is annoying cos there are so many little textures and details that get cut when its resized :( gonna have to by the print version if u want the full experience ;)
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By the light of the Moon!
This image has been haunting my mind since I first came across it 5-6 years ago now on a YouTube video .  Did  you create this then?  Magnificent, serene and tranquil.  I am so in love with this image.  Thank you for creating this and capturing my heart.
Could I use this as a background for a poster? Just a zoom in on the moons for a small venue music expo. Great image, just wanted to check with you before using. You will be cited as a source in all use
It's cute that you charge 35.00 for a full resolution image with an obnoxious signature :)
I first saw this piece years ago when I considered to use it as inspiration for art coursework. Now, after stumbling across it in a youtube video, I had to find out where the original came from and let you know how amazing I think this is. The not-quite-purple colour is so unusual and memorable and the feel of having two moons is amazing! I know I'm congratulating you more than a decade after you created this and about half a decade since I first saw this but I really wanted to let you know what a great piece of art it is! Thank you for creating it!
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Your work has Been Featured :) : [link]
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I love this picture. Is completely perfect, you know, i dreamt with this one the other day. I cant believe im seeing it in real life. its incredible.
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And even after several years this is still one of my favorites on dA... Perfect.
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hahahahahahhahah this is pink! :giggle:
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wow this picture is so beautiful i saw it on youtube along with a song and thought i have to find it its really beautiful great work :D
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Amazing, is all I can say.
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hehe, I set it as my desktop!! :heart: I love this pic!! Don't mind me, but.....

when I look at this, I want to go to a place like this, where adventure takes place, where nothing is like today's world or our past, I want to go to a place just like those books and games I've played, where everything is laid-back and simple. I want to go to a place like this where when I look at the sky every night, I don't get bored, I get awestruck by the awesomeness that is out there. I want to live the fantasy adventure that I've been waiting to have. When I look at this pic, I don't see just a painting, I see a place that exists in everyone's souls. :heart:
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it is just perfect
on Godz graet purple earth
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this is soooo beautiful
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It's so Cute *-*
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i saw this divine picture on youtube, used in a very beautiful song and decided I haaaaave to find it. and here I am, watching the perfection
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haha was it tsunaida te ni kiss wo if so yer the song is beautiful and goes so well with this beautiful pic :)
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