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To prevent the great magical power from Elsa, the King and Queen had been worried of all time
Even though they love these two sisters so much
They still made a decision to separate two girls, which caused the sadness at last....

Poor King and Queen:tears:They were so kind, but still leave their children at the end

Because of the queen might related to the King of Corona- Rapunzel’s father
Elsa and Anna might be the cousins of Rapunzel:hooray:
And I truly think the king has even much more charms than either Kristoff or Hans…:giggle:
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I've always liked them and saw them as good parents. It must had been hard for them to know that something might happens to Elsa if people found out about her magic and they made lot of sacrifices for her. They are heroes in my book and both of their daughters take after them. I'm sure that they would be so proud of both of them.   
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I'm sure they're up in Heaven, regretting their decision. :(
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They were misguided but they meant well. Plus I really love their outfits.
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please delete the conversation that I previously posted, its getting ridiculous
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You can always hide your comments so people don't see them and you can block the person if you don't like them. 
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I cant hide other peoples comments nor the conversation
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Yes,  but you can always hide your own so they don't reply and bug you even more. :)
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That moment when someone who isn't a child gets this movie outside of theaters and watches it again, and they realize that everything is the parents fault for being IDIOTS! "fear is her enemy" so lets lock her away from everyone and not only make her fear herself but teach her that she needs to be an emotionless chunk of ice for the rest of her life. They couldn't have, I dont know, gotten her a teacher who new magic him/her self, this is the Disney universe those people aren't that rare, so that he/she could teach her how to properly control her powers, oh wait, they shut the castle gates for years on end instead.
I think you're being way too harsh and quick to judge. 
frozen does such a crappy job of deepening their stories and characters that we really don't know if they didn't try other methods. You know the troll did show Elsa being attacked in that vision, and they looked really afraid of that. Maybe they were afraid that people would kill her. You can never predict what people will do or they react to strange and frightening things, (the Arendelle people's first reaction to Elsa's powers was FEAR) so maybe they were worried she'd be called a witch. And you never know, maybe they tried other methods to help her but nothing worked or maybe they couldn't find anyone to help her. So before you start condemning them, remember that Disney does not go very deep with their movies anymore, this one especially. So they could have tried to look for a magic teacher.
And don't beat up characters that so well designed! Especially with a king that looks like Walt Disney :p
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I don't remember them EVER going that deep into any of their movies backstories in the original movie, and I was raised on disney. I have watched this movie 37 times and I am a huge fan but EVERYTHING is STILL the parents fault. And fear isn't a reason to blatantly ignore the advice of someone who knows about magic and do the opposite of EVERYTHING he said. watch Frozen HISHE on YouTube, they kinda got it right except for that huge crossover at the end. Seriously though, everyone is dangerous in their own fashion. its no reason to be afraid of yourself or make someone else afraid of oneself
I'm not saying they didn't make mistakes. But I genuinely think they loved Elsa. They didn't handle it right but I think it had more to do with their fear for her safety. Anyway, i don't hating them or blaming them is right. A king that looks like Walt Disney shouldn't be hated anyway ;P 
Like I said, I wish the story had told their side of things a little more. What if they tried to help her? I've said before, the plot of Frozen was sloppy and half-baked. So it stands to reason they might have tired to help her, maybe nothing worked. 
When you blame the parents, take into account that disney did horribly sloppy with the storyline. So alot of details weren't really explained. I think they tried other method to help Elsa. 
Anyway, i like them. I think they were tragic characters, so don't completely write them off as idiots. They're clearly intended to be benevolent so I think they just didn't know what to do. 
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maybe they did love her, but the way they are portrayed everything is still there fault. you do not have to reply to this, you will not convince me that I am wrong or that they were tragic characters (other than the pain Elsa and Anna felt when they died), no matter how hard you try. and I personally I liked the plot of Frozen, it made for a cheerful and entertaining movie, except for the rock trolls, that was just lazy design, couldn't even make them a little troll village.
fine, if you chose to think that way, so be it. 
but for me, people (parents especially) are very complicated. its not too simple to judge them as "bad parents" or that they were "stupid." People have layers. I want to be open until proven otherwise.
but hey, go ahead. live in your stubborn, narrow-minded world. 
For me, the whole plot of frozen was lazy. I didn't like it. It was missing heart. And it was half-baked. 
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"live in your stubborn, narrow-minded world."
Ironically I respect your opinion, even if I don't agree with it. you could respect mine as well.
I respect your right to have your opinion even i think you're wrong.
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I swear these two really should have come up with another way to deal with Elsa without keeping her away from Anna cause that wasn't right at all. The rest of her childhood really sucked because of them with that misinformed idea.
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If you listen carefully to what they say, they didn't want to isolate her completely, just limit her contact and only until she could manage it. Elsa made the decision to shut everyone out, including their parents. It comes down to the sad fact that they simply didn't know enough, and that's really not anyone's fault.
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I agree they didn't want to isolate Elsa completely, just to limit her contact with people and them only. It's sad that Elsa made the decision to shut everyone out including her mother even father but fear was hurting her so much. 

Also there is one thing I don't like about King Agnarr when elsa accidentally struck Anna in the head he said: 'Elsa, What have you done' and if you saw Elsa's face it looked so hurt almost as if her father was accusing her of hurting her own sister. 
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Yeah I know all that,but still you saw how Anna was suffering with no one around and especially without Elsa,and when the parents died as usual,really it was way past time for Elsa to just spit it out to Anna finally and let her in again.No, I disagree! 
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She wanted to. Sadly, her fear of hurting her was too much.
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I guess so there. Ya know during the movie I imagined that if there was anyone who could have helped Elsa even better,it was...Professor Charles Xavier(from X-MEN):D (Big Grin) Not only cause of her powers but perhaps he would have said to her..."You must realize that your sister is lost without you and she needs you"Nod 
And I'm sure if they had known another way they would've done it. You know disney made a mistake by just glossing over thier decision. Maybe all those years, elsa shut them out too. Maybe they looked everywhere for another way to help her. We don't know cause disney didn't develop them. I prefer to think they tried desperately to find a way to help Elsa.
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Ya know if this were a Marvel thing perhaps Prof.Charles Xavier could have been a great idea for Elsa.:D (Big Grin) 
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