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December 8, 2011
Everything you can imagine is real. by ~zilchat
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Everything you can imagine is real.

you can
is real.

-pablo picasso-
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Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
Limelight-Night's avatar
exactly what i thought ;D
StrongWind876's avatar
I definitely agree with those words ;P AND I love the artwork you used - it's soo pretty :iconiloveitmoreplz:
I have a wild imagination so to me ANYTHING is real
TyronIAM's avatar
I love the coloring and geometry in this. Actually inspired to try something like this now.
yearuzzaman's avatar
so could u imagine it ?
magic6jewls's avatar
Reminds me of "This is a Work of Fiction"
SilverfiresShadow's avatar
Hey, my motto! Nice background on it :D
DaiNoShojoNoYami's avatar
I... am in love with this picture- the way you wrote the quote was a nice touch too. Good words to remember and live by.
CRJSeevy's avatar
So many triforces...
ErnestoVladimir's avatar
I know right xDDDD
Paintedkitty16's avatar
Words to live by :D
Shrew-WiFi's avatar
Doubt you'll read this but computer won't let me see it? :(
BatmanWithBunnyEars's avatar
I couldn't see it either for some reason. (Google chrome) However, I can click on it to get the larger view, which shows for some reason, so you might want to try that.
Shrew-WiFi's avatar
I don't have Google Chrome, unfortunately it slows my computer :/ and I tried, it still wouldn't work...I tried right clicking, too, no options worked and I couldn't find a download button. DX
wifi-usagi's avatar
It's says "Everything you can imagine is real." It's surrounded by a diamond quilt-pattern colored with light pink and baby blue :)
Shrew-WiFi's avatar
Oh, okay ^^ thanks! I could see the preview image but that was it. DX
wifi-usagi's avatar
XD No prob! That's weird, though e.e
Shrew-WiFi's avatar
It really is >.<
Eriyonai's avatar
Yeah -- I saw the thumb-nail, but my computer won't let me see it either. So weird. I've been trying all day actually, because I really like the thumb-nail, but no luck. Sad. : (!
wifi-usagi's avatar
Sorry :'( That is really weird... o.O
Eriyonai's avatar
oh yay, I'm so glad you wrote back, because today it's working and I'm sure I would have forgotten to check again otherwise. Yay! = D
Cute-Book-Worm's avatar
This reminded me of John Lennon...R.I.P John :heart:

This is lovely :heart:
DreamAmongStars's avatar
So...if I can imagine the world ending...?
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