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Phenomenal Project Progress

Sun Nov 6, 2011, 9:27 PM
I'm working on a new project, it's going really well.  I can't wait to release it to you all.


Deft Database Designer Desired

Mon Oct 24, 2011, 11:33 PM
If anyone here is good with redis, I could use a hand going over some database designs :B

Romaji Requires Reinforcements!

Tue Oct 18, 2011, 6:34 PM
The awesome Romaji could use a hand!  He makes awesome plushies (like this epic Zikes plushie he made) so head on over and commission a piece or two, or even donate a few bucks if you're feeling charitable.

Cool Chat Conference

Mon Apr 18, 2011, 9:05 PM
I'm-a doin' a featured chat for All-Emoters-United tomorrow/today (Tuesday the 19th) :la:

:pointr: DETAILS :pointl:

Also happens to be the day Portal 2 comes out and I have it pre-ordered.  I may be a tad distracted :zikesthrust: by blunaowl

Cacophanous Canadian Calamity

Fri Feb 25, 2011, 3:34 AM
A Canadian has invaded my house.

I hate MapQuest :|

Lame Lavatory Lament

Tue Feb 8, 2011, 4:56 PM
[The following conversation took place from my Android phone at work]

me: I just got back from the turlet. I bring this up not only because I am proud of myself for using the big boy potty but because while I was dropping the kids off at the pool some guy pokes his head in and says "Kristen? Kristen? Kristen Miller?" Apparently expecting whomever was in the stall to respond. At this point I'm thinking several things: 1. I am definitely not Kristen Miller. 2. Last I checked Kristen was a girl's name. 3. I'm not drunk enough to have wandered into the ladies room, and 4. even if I were a boy named Kristen, a public restroom is the last place I would answer to it.
Nilli: there are boys named Kristen? ._.
you sure he didn't say Christian?
me: Apparently ._.
Nope, definitely Kristen
No ch sound for the st
Nilli: were they foreign?
me: Nope
Nilli: odd then :]
me: He said it three times >.>
Nilli: maybe he was trying to conjure a witch named Kristen. three's a magic number.. <.<
me: I should've replied "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"
Nilli: hehe
robot chicken has ruined my beetlejuice
me: "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, motherfuckin' Beetlejuice!"
"You are made of bitch =|"
Nilli: xD

Murray's Mirthful Merriment

Sat Dec 25, 2010, 10:56 AM
Murray Christmas Everybody :bucktooth:

Chrome Cr-48 Computer

Mon Dec 20, 2010, 7:13 PM
I came home from work to an unexpected package at my door, and its contents were the last thing I expected.

A Google Cr-48 Chrome Notebook.

Fabricated for My Father

Sun Jun 20, 2010, 9:23 PM
I don't think I've talked about my dad much on here, but for a lot of reasons this seems like a very appropriate time.

It's easy to say I owe my dad a lot, that's likely true for most of us, but even with an annual holiday to remind us it's sometimes an easy thing to forget.  For going on 26 years now he's just been "dad", that's how things are, no big deal, but recent events have brought to the fore how significant a role he's played in shaping the person I am today.

I can list dozens of qualities I owe to him, most paramount of which being patience, calm, and kindness.  Every mannerism of which I am most proud today, I can attribute to my father.  Every day he practices these qualities and more, apparently effortlessly, naturally, often thanklessly, with an infectious smile that seemingly never fades.

He never preached these traits, only tried to live them daily, serving as an example I'm sure he hoped I would follow.  It took me a little while longer than it should have, but I can say now that I'm on the right path, that my priorities are straight, and that when the time comes I can only hope I do half as good a job as he's done with me.

Happy Father's Day

Everything's Changed Now

Thu Jun 3, 2010, 5:13 PM
It's weird how when something big happens you sometimes just don't know what to do with yourself.  Pretty sure that's why I'm typing this journal right now.

I don't feel like talking about what it is, or any of the details about it, really, but today was the first day of what is going to be a very long and painful ordeal in my life, easily the worst thing I've ever had to go through or likely ever will go through.  Actually, since I'm sure you're thinking it, I can at least tell you nobody's dead, so there's the silver lining.

I don't do the whole "emo" thing too well, so I'll just wrap it up by saying that you guys and all the random luffs I've received here have helped me before and, well, I could really, really use some more of that.  Anything you've got would be appreciated :heart:

Incredible iPhone Iconoclast

Fri May 14, 2010, 10:27 PM
I bought me a new phone a few weeks ago, and it kicks all kinds of ass.  It even lets me install apps where I play poker to reveal scantily clad women.


The word dictionary it came with was incomplete, though, so I thought I'd share what I've added since I got it.

  1. :p
  2. ;p
  3. Ahh
  4. ahh
  5. ahhh
  6. amok
  7. anywho
  8. AR
  9. ass
  10. asses
  11. autocorrect
  12. autocorrecting
  13. Aw
  14. Aww
  15. aww
  16. Back'm
  17. Backflip
  18. barface
  19. Bentonville
  20. BIES (of the BOO variety :paranoid:)
  21. Blvd
  22. BORSCH
  23. bunnies
  24. butbutbut
  25. Cashback
  26. cfp
  27. clamwin
  28. colonbar
  29. colonbarface
  30. cookware
  32. cyclops
  33. dA
  34. Dammit
  35. damn
  36. damned
  37. dibs
  38. dinnit
  39. directv
  40. doubletime
  41. douche
  42. douchnozzle
  43. Dryad
  44. dwvelop
  45. ebuddy
  46. EEK
  47. Elkins
  48. Elsie
  49. er
  50. Firefly
  51. forvo
  52. ftw
  53. fuck
  55. futon
  56. Fuuuuuuuuck
  57. G'niggit
  58. gad
  59. Gah
  60. gah
  61. glomp
  62. gnight
  63. goeth
  64. gots
  65. grandkids
  66. gromp
  67. Gravette
  68. gtalk
  69. HAI
  71. Hehe
  72. hehe
  73. hell
  74. Highfill
  75. Hmmmm
  76. homgyes
  77. HOSHI-
  78. hosing
  79. Hoyes
  80. HTPC
  81. Hutchinson
  83. interestinger
  84. Jayse
  85. Jen's
  86. Johansson
  87. Kickawesome
  88. Kombat
  89. lapdance
  90. Lightheaded
  92. litterbox
  93. logout
  94. maaaan
  95. maaaaybe
  96. margarita
  97. Maximus
  98. Meetingtiems
  99. mhm
  100. mindfuck
  101. Moar
  102. moto
  103. MTV
  104. my-MACON
  105. nah
  106. neodymium
  107. night's
  108. Nilleh
  109. Nilli
  110. nuh
  111. OD
  112. ohai
  113. OHAI
  114. okie
  115. omg
  116. oncw
  117. Ooooh
  118. orite
  119. ouch
  120. oughtta
  121. outsold
  122. pfft
  123. piratin'
  124. pizzatiems
  126. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicavolcanoconiosis
  127. ps3
  128. razr
  129. reddit
  130. redneckland
  131. reinstalled
  132. reinstalling
  133. rhem
  134. Roze
  135. s'okay
  136. Sazza
  137. shit
  138. silli
  139. skippy
  140. smirnoff
  141. squirting
  142. stargate
  143. Stoppinh
  144. stripper
  145. Strippers
  146. SW
  147. sweeeeeet
  148. taco (wtf? taco is totally a word >:[)
  149. teh
  150. therealzikesshady
  151. thezikes
  152. [redacted]
  153. tonsilitis
  154. tonsils
  155. turpentine
  156. Ubuntu
  157. uninstall
  158. uninstalled
  159. VOIP
  160. wabbit
  161. wb
  162. weeee
  163. weirder
  164. weirdest
  165. WiMax
  166. windfarm
  167. womyn
  168. Woots
  169. Wtf
  170. XD
  171. XMPP
  172. YARRR
  174. yes'm
  175. yesyerday
  176. Yu
  177. Yush
  178. yush
  179. zachriel
  180. Zaphod
  181. zikes
  182. zippered

Jonathan's Jaunty Jingle

Wed Apr 28, 2010, 6:30 PM

Another Absurd Alliteration

Thu Jan 7, 2010, 3:29 AM
Update: Changed the journal CSS.

HAY PEEPS.  zachriel made a new version of the Zikes emote script.  I'm-a announce it formally now.  The announcement is as follows:

thou art screwed

note that the "-ed" in screwed is pronounced as the name "ed"

isn't it screweth then?

nuh, in past tense the D remains, even in Olde English

oh, the eth is s ?
or what

journal times

sometimes, but it also gets thrown in randomly where nothing would normally be



what was it supposed to be about again?

just announce that… does exactly what… does except it uses the cloud database and can be added to and voted in

will do

Nilli cloud website… cloud faq

and mention that the "Add Emote" button should work, although it isn't tested
if you want to you can also mention that it's an alternative to superdAmn but I'm not sure that's necessary

Emote Era Ensues

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2009, 7:36 PM

Hey folks, big news: I'm not working on the Zikes Emoticon Database script anymore :B


I gave it to zachriel, who's done a kickawesome job rebuilding it from the ground up.  But not to worry, all your favorite emotes are still in there!

In addition, she's teamed up with electricnet, who's been building another kickawesome script remake: a new dAx!

The two scripts will be combined into one superscript for dAmn.  I'm beta testing it right now, and it's hella awesome.   :zikesla: by blunaowl  Go keep an eye on the two of 'em, and feel free to post lots of comments on their pages asking when it'll be released 8B :icon8buckplz: by blunaowl

dAmn Database Delay

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 26, 2009, 8:00 PM

Sooo, looks like it'll take me longer than my original 1-2 week estimate to get back off the ground.

Now, before ya'll bum-rush me with pitchforks and torches and stuff, gimme a minute to explain.

First, I am re-writing it all from scratch.  Not a great reason in and of itself, considering the simplicity of the original system, but that brings me to an important point: I'm adding a few much-needed new features while I'm in there.

These features will be easiest to implement if I just work them in from the start, and I'd really hate to re-write this thing a third time, so I'm taking care of it now.  I want to get it right, cover all the angles, etc.  Plus, these are things I've wanted to do for ages anyways, and I don't feel like waiting much longer.

That being said, here's a list of reasons you shouldn't hunt me down and string me up:
  • Personal Databases - Yeah, that's right.  Your own, personal, Zikes emote database! :la:
  • Multi-coding - Okay, this is a tough one to explain.  Basically, it works like this: in the last system, you put in one emote and one code and both of them are tied up forever (or at least 'til the emote is voted out of the system).  This was a major design flaw.  It basically meant that if an otherwise awesome emote had the unfortunate luck of getting submitted with a "bad" code (one used by dA, for example) then the emote would get downvoted out of existence.  The new system separates the deviation and the code, then allows relationships to be created between them.  This means one emote could potentially have multiple codes, and one code could be used on multiple emotes, and whichever "relationship" has the most votes wins.  The highest-ranked code on an emote wins.  Much more fair, much more flexible :)
  • Increased Security - The new system requires registering with the site before any new emotes can be added, or voted on.  I understand that this is much more restrictive than the previous version, which sucks, but the previous version was open to too many forms of abuse.  I'm trying to keep things fair with this one.  Besides, when you sign up you get your own personal database! :D
  • Compression - Right now you have to download a 500kb file every time you enter dAmn.  This causes a several second delay between dAmn loading and Zikes loading, which can be rather annoying.  v2's gonna compress that down as tight as possible.  I'm hoping for 100kb or less, and if it gets over that I'm going to try to implement a pre-loading system that sends the most-used emotes first, then the rest of them in a second package.
  • Automatic List Refresh - Yeah, no more refreshing dAmn to get the latest set of emotes :eager:
  • Tags - Tag a deviation with something like "eightb" or "noes" for easy finding :B
  • API - The whole system's being built as an API first.  Even the main site will use the API.  Hopefully this'll make it easier to implement new features later on, and give us some more scripting options :D

Future features:
  • Usage Data - Yeah, popularity and usage metrics for emotes.  Anonymous or tied to your account, it'll be up to you :B
  • Integration With dA - Visit an emote's dA page and information about that emote will be pulled down from Zikes.  Available codes, in-page voting, etc.  Not in Zikes yet?  Add it right from dA!
  • Other Stuff - that I can't remember right now but might put in here later :paranoid:

I hope all this sounds like enough to keep the angry mob business at bay a few more weeks or so.  Lemme know if you've got any questions :)

Darn Domain Downtime

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 15, 2009, 10:02 AM
Thanks famfamfam!
Dropdown menu icons from Go check 'em out for 1000 amazing, free 16x16 general purpose icons!






            Fix On The Way



Yep, was down for most of the day yesterday and all last night, but it should be back up now.  It seems that my "Zikes Script" has become so popular that the host I was using couldn't handle it, and when I called them a few minutes ago they were asking if it might have been a DDoS attack against my domain.

You folks sure love your emotes, lemme tell ya :B

Okay, so, obviously it can't go on like this.  It'll only continue to grow, the site will get even more traffic, and the host will keep crashing.  So, I'm changing hosts.

Unfortunately, the new host does not support the (ancient) language I wrote the Zikes Script in, so I have to rewrite it.  I also have to transfer the domain to the new host, which could take a little while.  Fortunately, I will be able to serve the script in a "frozen" form until I can rewrite the thing in a more modern language.

This basically means that for the next 1-2 weeks you will still be able to use the script, but cannot add or remove anything.

On the bright side, the new host should be much faster, much more responsive, so there will be less "oops, Zikes is still loading" in dAmn.  Also, since I'm rewriting it from the ground up, look for a whole new site design and maybe even a few new features.

I appreciate the patience, just try to bear with me a while longer =)

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 3, 2009, 9:16 PM
Thanks famfamfam!
Dropdown menu icons from Go check 'em out for 1000 amazing, free 16x16 general purpose icons!










Code Copyright Contention

Journal Entry: Wed May 20, 2009, 9:32 PM
Thanks famfamfam!
Dropdown menu icons from Go check 'em out for 1000 amazing, free 16x16 general purpose icons!






            Code Is Art, Too



I have to say, one of the things I enjoyed most about deviantART in the past few years is that it is the only place on the internet where my coding endeavors can be translated into real art.  I've never been much for drawing, painting, or any of the conventional artistic mediums, but coding's always come natural, and this place has given me an outlet like no other, and for that I am ever grateful.

Though I usually forget to say it, all of my code is CC Sharealike Non-Commercial, meaning you can use whatever you want, however you want, so long as yours is free for the taking as well, and that you don't try to sell it or otherwise pass it off as your own.

I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of open source coding, but that doesn't mean I think it's for everyone.  As I said before, I consider it an art form, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  As such, I feel it deserves the exact same treatment, rights, and respect every other form of art on this site is awarded.  Indeed, even the court of law holds this view, as copyrights also cover source code.

A recent incident involving a CSS journal template has come to my attention.  A user has taken someone else's CSS code, replaced a few images, and tried to pass the template off as their own (initially without even a lick of credit, though some is given now).  The artist whose code was stolen as reported the incident (twice!) and in both instances the report was marked as "Invalid - No Action Taken."

This is a travesty.  It is theft, just like any other, and this violation of law and site policy must be taken seriously.

At the moment, I am willing to believe this is a misunderstanding.  The C&E administrator may not have had knowledge of code and related copyright laws, and may not have been able to determine the nature of the theft.  Toward that end, I will concede the administration 24 hours to respond to the incident with no less than an open dialog between themselves and the artist whose work was stolen.

If this issue is not resolved or at least on its way toward a resolution at the end of those 24 hours, I will remove every bit of code I have from this site and elsewhere.

Programmers are artists, too.









I am glad to report that fourteenthstar has stepped in and is now handling the situation.  I am sure a proper resolution will be reached soon :)

Bitsy Business Banner

Journal Entry: Tue May 5, 2009, 9:48 PM
Thanks famfamfam!
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            Business Cards



Elsie designed a business card for me! :eager:

Zikes Business Card by mbqlovesottawa

An Apparently Apropos Apologue

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2009, 11:52 AM
Thanks famfamfam!
Dropdown menu icons from Go check 'em out for 1000 amazing, free 16x16 general purpose icons!






            Fireplace Mantle



There's a big, empty space over my fireplace mantle, and I wanna fill it with something nice looking.  Anyone know of a good dA print that'd look kickawesome when blown up to be several feet high and wide and hung over a fireplace? :bucktooth:






            VACATION (Part 1)



Well, the vacation's been over for a couple weeks now, and I'm starting to get used to not having to make tea first thing in the morning again.  For those of you not in the know, zachriel (aka Nilli) and blunaowl (aka Sazza) flew allll the way over here to spend a few weeks with yours truly, and those weeks shall hereafter be known as the "BEST. VACATION. EVAR." :zikesla: by blunaowl

My memory's crap and it's been a little while, so the details are a bit sketchy, but here's a rundown of how things pretty much went down:

Nilli got here first, and she was greeted in the airport by a redneck holding a big poster version of her SuperSwede alter ego.  I'd heard she had a preference for a certain carbonated beverage, so I made sure when we got home she was also greeted by a fridge full of Coke.

My vacation hadn't started yet, so she got to spend a day settling in whilst I was at work.  Luckily she had Spock to keep her company.  (Speak of the devil, Spock just climbed in my lap and I am now trying to type around a big ball of purring black fur :bucktooth:)

I had been compiling something of a list of things to do, or rather things to make the Swede do, like try my kickawesome cooking and watch silly shows and movies she's never seen before :paranoid:  We steered clear of things we thought Sazza might enjoy, saving them for when she joined us, and Nilli'd picked up something on her flight over, so the first week or so mostly involved her on the futon and me running 'round fetching her foods and tea.

I let her steal one of my laptops, and it wasn't uncommon for me to hear a barely perceptible giggle from the futon, followed by an incoming google talk message on my phone saying something like "teaplz" :paranoid:

When she wasn't futon-bound, we also worked a bit on a Sazza version of the poster and I taught her how to do a little chainmaille.

Luckily she was feeling better when Sazza arrived, and this time we got some reaction shots to the emote poster board.

Fortunately I'd just finished cleaning up the room Sazza would be staying in ('twas full of boxes and things I never bothered unpacking when I moved :paranoid:) but I hadn't yet picked up a bedspread or anything so we dashed to a nearby Wal-Mart where she got to pick 'em out for herself.  Spock approved.

We took the next few days pretty slow, as Nilli was still recovering a bit from her illness and Sarah from her 26-hour trip, so more chainmaille and movies ensued, peppered with frequent trips to Wal-Mart for various foods and snacks and drinks.

After a few days we decided it was high time I set foot in an IKEA for the first time, so I rented a truck and we set a course for Frisco, TX, which is where the nearest IKEA is located.

It was a lengthy trip, taking closer to 7 hours than the 5 and a half that Google Maps predicted, but quite fun.  Nilli made the observation that road kill is much more common a sight in the US than in Sweden, and decided to keep a tally of how many we saw, as well as a few other things :paranoid:

I'd like to say that the drive down was mostly uneventful, but about halfway through Oklahoma a cop decided I didn't slow down fast enough when the speed limit suddenly dropped from 70 to 45, so I got pulled over :bucktooth:

Apparently it's suspicious to be driving a rental truck across state lines, so he asked me to step out of the truck so he could pat me down and ask whether or not I was a drug runner.  During the pat-down he found a sharpie in my right pocket and asked what it was for.

That's right, I had to explain the purpose of a Sharpie in my pocket to a cop :roll:

I also told him I had a Swede in the truck and she and her British accomplice were forcing me to drive to Texas against my will and pleaded with him to call for backup to help me, but he just laughed and told me he'd let me off with a warning and sent me on my way :noes:

It was pretty late when we crossed the state line into Texas, so we decided to find a hotel and a place to eat.  I spotted a place called "Stonebridge" or something and thought "ooo, sounds fancy, I bet they'll have food and wireless internet!"

Boy, was I ever wrong ._. by nillemotes

When we got to our rooms they were being cleaned, so we decided to go to the lobby area which was supposed to be a sort of restaurant/recreation room and kill some time.  Except when we got in there the place was pretty much closed, half of it looking like it'd been torn down or otherwise vandalized.  Fortunately there were a couple of free to play pool tables available, and we played a few rounds on those.  Sazza kicked our arses :bucktooth:

At the desk we were told the rooms had ethernet connections, but when we got to our rooms we discovered that two out of three of our rooms had no ethernet cable.  So we go to the front desk and ask if they have any extras and they say they don't, so we ask where the nearest place to buy some would be.  We're told there's a Wal-Mart a few miles north, back the way we came, so we decide to go fetch some.  The Wal-Mart was hard to spot from the road, so I passed it the first time, but a quick u-turn and we were in business.  We decided to actually stop at a Best Buy, which was closer to the exit and near a Taco Bell/KFC (those "merged" places are a tad odd) because Nilli was craving tacos.

Let me just say now that Best Buy's selection of ethernet cables is by far the worst I've ever seen.  All they carry is needlessly expensive CAT-6, the cheapest of which was 15 bucks BlankStare redux by Cameljacks

But I got a couple of 'em, because we likes us our interwebs, and we drove across the parking lot to the KFBell or TacoFC or whatever they wanna call it anymore.  Sazza decided seatbelts (and indeed, even seats) were for chumps, and hopped in the back for the short drive.

Taco Bell now has super-sized quesadillas, which kick 583465 distinct forms of ass :zikesla: by blunaowl

After the foods we headed back to the hotel, where we played Munchkin into the wee hours of the evening.

Afterward we retired to our rooms, where we discovered that Nilli's room's modem had no power so I loaned her mine.  Unfortunately that did no good, as the hotel's proxy blocked damn near everything (even Google!) making it frustratingly difficult to use.  Since I had no internets and knew we'd have a long day of IKEA and driving ahead of us the next day, I decided it'd be best if I just showered and went to bed.  Unfortunately the hotel had no hot water, so I had to choose between forcing Nilli and Sarah to spend all day with a smelly redneck and taking a cold shower.  Fortunately for them I chose the cold shower.

The next morning I woke up quite late, because the alarm clock next to my bed turned out to be 12 hours ahead.

By that point I was quite livid, and rather wishing I'd kept driving 'til I found a different hotel BlankStare redux by Cameljacks  I considered demanding a refund at the front desk, but we still had an hour's drive to IKEA and I didn't much want to start the day with an argument and/or shouting match.

Luckily the hour passed quickly, and before we knew it we were at IKEA! :zikesla: by blunaowl