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May 3, 2008
deMoodify Me by `Zikes is extremely useful in my opinion. Once you choose a mood on a journal, it's there forever more - well, not with this script! You can "deMoodify" yourself and be left with no mood once again. Brilliant.
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deMoodify Me

*** FIXED ***
Updated to work with changes in dA's page structure.

One thing that has always bugged me is that once you've chosen a mood on your journal, that's it. There's no going back. You're going to have a mood on every single journal you post from that point forward.

Well, not if I have anything to say about it :shakefist:

Get apathetic: [ deMoodify yourself ].

* Firefox
* Greasemonkey

Once you have both of the requirements you will be able to click the link above and install the script.
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I've added several of your tutorials to my favorites and didn't comment. I apologize for not doing so, but I like to say something worth while. Here, I can at least say that this one is the best one yet! I've always been bothered by this fact too. Once I choose a mood, I always had to have one and for me - I don't always has one particular mood and the list just doesn't cut it.
Thank you for this and all of the other things that I have faved. I'll try to be pro-active with what I consider to be at least somewhat good comments if I add anything else to my favorites.
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This script is no longer necessary; a reset button has been added.
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Awesome it is, but I can't figure out now to make it work. :(
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Ok I am so sorry for a third post here, but I got it. xD I didn't have the * at the end of the url. win.

Thank you for the awesome script!!! :heart:
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This is so awesome, thank you! XD
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thank GOD! lol - I'd put a love emoticon, but that's what we're striving to avoid, isnt it? THANK YOU A LOT!
Flakyfan1994's avatar
i-...i love you now. :happycry:
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FINALLY 8D Thank you!
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Awesome script, but I'm having a problem D:
I have Greasemonkey, but it won't let me click where it says "User Scrip Commands". How do I fix it?
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I think I might have the answer.

It might have to do with the default page setting that the script is for use on.

If you look at the place where it says 'included pages'in the management area, it says '*'

In your case, replace it with ''
and it should work correctly.
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Thanks a bunch! It worked!
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You're very welcome!
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Huzzah! :iconyeyplz:

This has always annoyed me.
Great script. :thumbsup:
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this is awesome! thank you :hug:
=rotane is right about the url =)
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Oh wow this is great! I've been looking for a way to do this since like... well... it's be a long time ^__^; I'm also glad that it's a greasemonkey script and not a Firefox extention, as many greasemonkey scripts actually work in Opera as well as Firefox. Keep up the great work.
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Mate, with the new beta pages the URL of adding a journal has changed, so I suggest you use this instead:
// @include http://**
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Does this work for V6? D:
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The Script Command doesn't seem to be working.
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Doesn't work because of v6? Or Firefox 3?

Either way, I hope it's fixed soon. Great feature sir!
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This should be fixed now :)
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