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:pointr: [dAudible.user.js] :pointl:

A simple script made at =zachriel's request, it makes noise when you're highlighted in dAmn. Good for you idlers/lurkers that hang around in dAmn whilst doing other things :bucktooth:

Preferences are in Tools -> Greasemonkey -> User Script Commands -> dAudible Preferences :)


To Install:
1. Install Firefox
2. Install Greasemonkey
3. Click on the link below and select "Install" and you're done!


Known issues

1. If your browser won't play wave files on its own, the script won't work. To see if your browser is capable, try playing this file. If your browser asks you how to deal with this, try installing a quicktime plugin and then try to play the file again.

2. If you're using other scripts there may be conflicts. The order in which the scripts are loaded makes a difference. To change the order of your scripts, go to Tools -> Greasemonkey -> Manage User Scripts, and drag the scripts to the order you want. For some users, this script only started working after the dAx script was dragged to the very top.

3. The script sometimes makes a noise even if you were not highlighted, but it only happens shortly after a real highlight. There is currently no solution to this.

4. The script may steal focus when you get highlighted if you are typing in text boxes in other tabs of your browser. When this happens, go to your dAmn tab, click the text box, and then go back to what you were doing.
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;---; is it broken with the new updates to damn chat?
AfBri-Chan's avatar
It won't work.. I use Firefox all the time.
ShadowMaker-241's avatar
Can't install the script :/
99CentTrophy's avatar
Press F5 and the thing to let you download it should appear :3
Endlesshunter's avatar
Do you know if thise works with Chrome? ^^;
z0mdee's avatar
Have you tried this with chrome? o: Did it work?

Endlesshunter's avatar
Hasn't worked so far. But then again haven't used dAmn in a while either
z0mdee's avatar
Haha thanks! I tried it out... doesn't work still >w> Doh well!
Thanks for the reply c:
Endlesshunter's avatar
Zetikla's avatar
I have only one problem with that: i can't install the script :(
KitsuneEXE's avatar
For some reason it quit working, and now all it does is tell me flash crashed when I use it...what do I do?
CorruptTempest's avatar
Wow, you're telling me a deviant had to come up with this idea finally? It's about time! Yahoo ans Skype automatically come with buzzes! XD Thank you so much, you're a genius!!!! ^^
namenotrequired's avatar
I've featured this as Daily Feature on the front page of #deviantART-Related :clap:

#deviantART-Related is the unofficial group for the dA related gallery, and our Daily Feature is a private initiative to serve as an alternative to DDs while there's no GM for the gallery :)

We featured your script for today with the following description;
dAudible by `Zikes has been around for a year or two and is now one of the standard scripts for everyone who goes on +chat frequently. It's a great tool especially for multitaskers - it allows you to do something else besides chatting, without having to miss anyone talking to you!

Given 2011-02-27
Featured by `namenotrequired

Keep it up :highfive:
zikes's avatar
I appreciate the feature, however I recommend having a look at ~bentomlin's dAlert, which is much more featureful and is likely better maintained :) This was more of a proof-of-concept thing, and I haven't touched it since its release two years ago :paranoid:
namenotrequired's avatar
Ah! Thank you very much :)
Nym226's avatar
Shadota's avatar
how do i change the sound i want? e.e
bunnyminority's avatar
i clicked this [dAudible.user.js] link. but then when i press install it does nothing?
NotALeprechaun's avatar
Refresh on the page and the popup to install the script should appear.
SailorJager's avatar
omg you are amazing!
SavageCharms's avatar
Thank you.....refresh did the trick!
NotALeprechaun's avatar
You're welcome, happy to help!
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