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Wish we were able to search our wonderfully witty words? Well, wook no further! With dAmn It Search, you can just type in a few key words and through the magic of MySQL Fulltext (srsly dunno how that works, but it does) you'll get some nifty results in no time.

Once you've installed the script just go to the regular dAmn It page, and you'll see a new Search link at the top. Just click that link to go to the Search page, type in your query and hit Enter!

Avatars are b0rked, since I didn't feel like storing the proper path. Might fix that in a later version. Also no pagination, so if you search "penis" and get a few hundred results then, well, you probably deserved it.

Inspired by and based on `frozenpandaman's

Edit: Forgot to mention, my server's going through the quotes and storing them for search, and it updates roughly once per hour. It'll lag slightly behind the real dAmn It, but all the quotes are moderated anywho, so no biggie.

'Course, this means when you search you're sending your queries to my, fair warning? :B
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Is it possible to improve upon it a little? The results are limited. I wanted to create a small database of all of my quotes, but the server isn't returning all of them. ^^;
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Found this recently, doesn't work for me... :paranoid: was it broken by some dA update or something? :D
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When I get my internet back, I'm installing this. :boogie:

yay, I made it in the preview! :shower:
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If you don't have (or had) internet how did you send this???
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I went somewhere that HAD the internet. :B
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Mucho effective.

:community::iconsaysplz: Thanks Mister Zikes!
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Faaabuluous, thank you. <3
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Without installing this...why not just include the script for every dAmn It page, and have the XHR redirect you to your search ';page', instead of requiring going to another page beforehand? It's a subtle difference, but dA has their search on every page by default, so it'd be more streamlined.

Although, if you've done that and I've misinterpreted, then carry on. :D
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Nope, you interpreted correctly, I was just looking for a blank slate to work with :paranoid:
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This is fantastic. :faint: Thank you! :love:
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not working for me in FF2 :Y
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Lightbox tiem! :la:
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Somebody get this woman the penis she deserves!

Y'know, in that context that branch on your tree looks kinda like a...:o
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I have a tree penis. Damn, that never even occurred to me.
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