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May 13, 2009
dAmn Bold by `Zikes Don't like having to type "< strong > < /strong >" around everything you say? Now you won't have to.
Featured by 2dazed
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dAmn Bold

I did a featured chat for #eCSSited and remembered how much better it was when `thespook did his featured chat and bolded everything he said.

Well, as most of you know I'm quite lazy, and I don't like putting <strong></strong> around everything I say, so I made a script to do that for me :bucktooth:

You can turn it on and off via the User Script Commands menu, pictured above :)


* Firefox
* Greasemonkey
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oxai's avatar
Does someone have a rehosted version? :saddummy:
Anna-Akrasia's avatar
+ You could have put a < b > < /b >around the entire journal
unk18's avatar
WOW Super cool Man!
Could you tell me what Theme were you using there? for the firefox browser?:woohoo:
Kamachu's avatar

Now you just gotta make a sub one so I dont have to type that everytime :ohnoes:
Deathmonkey77's avatar
oh man,thats rock^^
congrats the DD!
CookiemagiK's avatar
Congrats on the DD! :aww::iconthumbplz:
TheBrainSurgeon's avatar
calgarc's avatar
lazy motherfu*** lol

welcome to the family, us lazy people are smarter then everyone thinks :D
Mr-Dummy's avatar
whats taght for a firefox version or design??
BlackSpotRose's avatar
Do you have to be a subscriber to use this?
Relaxable's avatar
no, you just need firefox and greasemonkey along with firefox.
WebScUm's avatar
Nice! Thank you for this!
pica-ae's avatar
congrats, nice idea :)
but what about b instead of strong in :yum:
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
He got a DD, yay! Congratz Jason! :glomp: :iconcheerplz:

MythArcana's avatar
That's a cool idea! It's nice to have some shortcuts to save some time and a bit of irritation! Excellent work and congratulations on the DD!
ChiharuSato22's avatar
Oh my gosh! :noes: This is so useful! In our chat, we have to use bold for the characters we play and the character accounts can set this up! :hug: ~PayMeMoney found this for us. XD Yey! :heart: Love it!
LordLouis's avatar
looks like ubuntu <3
catluvr2's avatar
This could help.... yes. :plotting:

Looks good.
Vayde's avatar
Hey man, I'm just starting out with gm&javascript and I was wondering - I looked in the [link] and I found dAmnescape, it looked like it's being appended to the dAmn_send packet somehow. Is that why you chose to .innerHTML into dAmnescape? Before I looked at your code I tried to think how I would have done this and I'm trying to figure out your thought process and maybe learn something =)

Also, do you mind if I hijack this, I have a code snippet I'd like to add in to everything I type!
oddbydefault's avatar
btw - what firefox theme is that?! really nice...
zikes's avatar
'tis called NASA Night Launch, the only decent black theme I could find :paranoid:
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