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[ dATweets.user.js ]

A Greasemonkey script to enhance dA's built in Twitter boxes on profile pages.
  • Detects @replies and creates a link to that user's Twitter page.
  • Stores Twitter login information in the Firefox Saved Passwords listing, using a method as secure as logging into Twitter directly. Your password will not be stored in Greasemonkey, or be accessible by it.
  • Lets you follow/unfollow users directly from their dA page.
  • Update your own Twitter status from any user page.
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© 2008 - 2021 zikes
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LAPoetry-n-Photo's avatar
Greasemonkey won't run this, it says ''This method requires authentication''
PatrickRuegheimer's avatar
Awesome, but it doesn't work here. :V (I use Mac and FF)
I'm able to see the window in Expose but I can click on it and on FF Windows does it appear as a blank box. :U

What a pity since it's an epic script. :l
rotane's avatar
I don't know how I could've missed this. Another genious strike, thank you!

One suggestion: is it be possible to add a char count, and/or input limiter to Twitter's 140 characters (I think it's 140, right?)
Charleston-and-Itchy's avatar
Useful!! Very useful!! :D :#1:
20after4's avatar
Neat ... /me wonders how you got the greasemonkey install link to work :D
zikes's avatar
Oh, I submitted that before the gateway thing was implemented :paranoid:
legna69's avatar
so u only need 2 type : @ and the username?
HellsPlumber's avatar
Awesome script =D
Makes my online life a whole lot easier =P
AimanStudio's avatar
So amazing.. dear. :thumbsup:
Sam-Reynolds's avatar
Oh wow. :0
This is awesome. :eager:
DanteDeRycke's avatar
May I hump you for making this?
I love it
eldris's avatar
I can't get it to work :( I get the auth box pop-up, type in my stuff and I get an error "Method repquires authorisation". I tried it with and without remember passwords (on firefox options) enabled, but the same. :( Still, maybe best because I like to have remember passwords off anyway :slow: But I thought you'd like to know.
frozenpandaman's avatar
When I visit =Twilight-Darling's page, I get two alert boxes: "Could not find both specified users." and "Error fetching updated timeline: Not found" :o
zikes's avatar
Looks like the account they specified as their Twitter account does not exist :noes:
JesseLax's avatar
That is SO cool. thanks so much for your work! :hug:
zikes's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it :D
htfcuddles's avatar
Thank you very much. =D
zikes's avatar
No problem, glad you like it :D
zikes's avatar
Silver-Dew-Drop's avatar
You're very welcome! :D
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