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Emote Tutorial 1

I'd first like to preface this by saying that I am by no means an expert at making emoticons, I still have much to learn and I'm sure there are many things I could or should do differently. However, I believe I should at least pass on what knowledge I have on the subject so that others may also learn. I believe each and every one of us have the skill to create emotes and many are just waiting for a basic walkthrough to get them started.

Please don't take this tutorial too literally. I believe the most important thing for any artist is to experiment and grow, to push boundaries and find new and creative ways to express themselves. This is only meant to get you started, to give you a little push in the right direction. Where you go from here is entirely up to you.
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THis tutorial really helps me and hope it helps others on techniques used on making Emoticons! Thanks for this tutorial I needed it! I hope other people find this tutorial as interesting as I did. I use a program called Paint.NET and it is basically the same thing (it is the advanced one but not gimp.)! So this tutorial is highly recommended for people like me who needs to learn different techniques on how to draw Emoticons need this little tut. I like it so much that I gonna fav it! :3 (P.S. I need to see how to animate Emoticons.)
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is there any way to upload one of these that i made so that it could be used in messages?[link] [link] [link]
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Hi! I used your shading technique for my emote. Just thought I'd share. :) [link]
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yay for fail! [link]

But the tut is the only thing that let me do it...
Cause its awesome! :iconlaplz:
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This is well done. I will try now.
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can you do this with photoshop, because I am having trouble resizing the hands in adobe.
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Thank you very much for the tutorial. Here's what I made [link] . I know it's nothing special :D. I just installed Fireworks today (was using GIMP before) and got a bit lost about how you adjust the gradient because the black line with the handles wouldn't show but I figured it out in the end.
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As an emoticon novice, this tutorial was easy to follow, concise and well written, a great starting point for anyone hoping to create their own emoticons in about 10 minutes.

Thank you for giving me the perfect starting point :)

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this really helps a lot... :clap::+favlove::clap: Thanks!

I'll send you a note when I'm done.. :D :D
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FIRST emote I've ever made. With smilies, at least- I've had experience with Fireworks before with sprites and such. I forgot to use fit canvas when I started, so, it's a little bigger than it should be. But here's what I got after about 45 minutes. [link]
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Thank you so much for this! This is incredibly useful and well-explained. :)
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You're welcome. :)
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The first time I tried this, I got impatient and quit. Now, I've made my first little Emoticon thingy... It's ugly as sin but hey, I made it and I'm flippin' proud of it xD!
Thank you so much for putting this tutorial up :) I'll be sending you the note very soon with a link to the icon in it!
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Know what? You're great. Absolutely.
I always wanted to try this out, and now there's a tutorial out there that I actually understand!
Thank you so very, very much, you made my day ^^
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-huggles emote-
x3 Great tutorial, thankyeeew~
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Wow I didn't know Fireworks was so awsome. I may have to make an emote now.
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Very nice
+ HO SHI- emoticon +
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Mah crappy-full emote TT^TT
lol It probably didn't work as well since I made it on a different program.
Oh well, I had fun making it, thank you for the tutorial :iconpounceglomp:
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heres mine! xD [link] thx for the help!
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You should watch information you give out because it might be used for
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Great tutorial ^.^ It helps :D
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Hope it helped :D
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