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An avatar requested by =BlueEyesFairy

:comic: "i will do the best sweet eyes you've ever seen... that's a promise... *o*"

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That's great and sweet! ^^
Shicken05's avatar
Looks very sweet indeed Zikes. :lol:
Espiroth's avatar

Like the wing action :) =p
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
It's pink :o :faint:

Like it! Of course... it's pink and a fairy :lol:
Momma--G's avatar
OMG!! She is so adorable I can't stand it!
BlueEyesFairy's avatar
i really love it!!!!! this is gorgeous!!!!! :excited:

thank you so much!! :smooch:
zikes's avatar
Glad you like it! :D :glomp:
Starath's avatar
OMG yay an emote!

These I understand. :nod:

Did you have to write the text by the pixel or did you just type it? :O
zikes's avatar
Wrote it pixel-by-pixel :nod:
Starath's avatar
:O_o: Um... will I have to learn from trial and error to do that? or are there references somewhere?
zikes's avatar
:giggle: It was trial and error for me. I generally try to keep each letter five pixels tall by three pixels wide, but there are occasional exceptions like the M and the W :)
Starath's avatar
I shall make use of my graph paper, I think. Thank you Zikes. :hug:
SparklyDest's avatar
The way you used two wings on each side is really awesome. :nod: And the shade of pink melts my eyeballs. Great work! :w00t:
ThePhantomDragon's avatar
irient's avatar
You submit an emote. HALLELUJAH!
zikes's avatar
Just a one-time deal :paranoid:

/me awaits sweet eyes :excited:
Synfull's avatar
an emote .... :O

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