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f2u feline lines!

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im pretty proud of this!! go ahead n use it for adopts, design commissions, oc ref sheets and what not 0: just dont use it for commissions that arent design commissions,,
dont remove my signature pls!! you don't have to link back to this/mention me but it's appreciated ovo

.sai file:
my other lineart:
f2u longhaired cat lines! by ziirconium
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Toothpastethecat1 Digital Artist
Cat adopt OTA

thanks for letting me use this for an adopt!

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Omg this is adorable wrhrnatm

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RobynsbeehiveHobbyist Digital Artist
Kitty Auction // OPEN
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WarriorCatsGamingHobbyist General Artist

I used this to make a reference sheet of one of my *real* cats, Pixie. I did remove/add a few lines, I hope you don’t mind haha


I still need to add a few things to the ref and update the design a little bit again, but I really enjoyed using the base, and I managed to make her markings surprisingly accurate with it compared to the other bases that I’ve tried! 👍

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ton1balon1Hobbyist Writer

Used this for a friend's character in an rp I'm in! I've never done lineart before, but it was really easy to use and really helpful to teach me how to use others, thanks so much for doing this!


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MewLoverTheCat2Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used this to design one of my OCs, i really love this lineart! toyhou.se/6805013.roachstrike#…
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CrazyArts01Hobbyist Digital Artist
I havent uploaded the adopts I made with your base yet, but just wanted to say I loved using it and I will continue to use it for adopts ^^ 
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ziirconiumHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks, i'm so glad you like the lines! thanks for using 'em!
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Thank you for making this base! I used it for for my SkyClan medicine cat oc, Poppystem! She's a dilute calico!

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Am I allowed to edit the lines a bit? :0 of course, I will still credit you for the base!

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ziirconiumHobbyist Digital Artist
absolutely edit them however you please!
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do you have an Instagram I can tag you in, because im planning on making an adoptable with this and posting them on Instagram, if not thats fine, I'll still tag your deviantart account

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ziirconiumHobbyist Digital Artist
sorry for the late reply but yes! my instagram is under my same name, @ ziirconium
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greyspadeHobbyist Digital Artist
will use and post when done
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sonicx804Student Artist
ok i will try.
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Adopts-(4/4 open), by Ctenophoraa used  
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pasteIzzHobbyist Digital Artist

thanks for making the cool base!

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oddquakeHobbyist Digital Artist

using !!

Test adopts (OPEN)

tysm- the lineart is adorable!!

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PupSonarHobbyist Digital Artist
Used :3 twitter.com/PupSonar/status/11… 

(15€ are for the ref, not your lineart)
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JuniperDraws28Student Digital Artist
Bf84695b-3536-4b06-ba1c-aef9243507dc by JuniperDraws28   5d2561c3-7563-414c-8b6a-79f02dcc58a4 by JuniperDraws28   591dc19d-9af0-4e7c-8b50-27b82c607ed3 by JuniperDraws28  

I got some adopts, and I wanted to make them look nicer and cuter so I decided to put them on your base. I put a big watermark so no one will steal my character :)
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VisionSkyXHobbyist Digital Artist
Used! :D
J.A.R.V.I.S. by Painting-Visions
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JoeliolyRaviolyHobbyist Digital Artist
thats super awesome!!
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VisionSkyXHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!!
btw I love the icon ^^
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