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Wardrobe Malfunction

Kitty and Dudley decide to get a little frisky in the office supplies closet at work and when it looks like they're going to be discovered, they quickly put their clothes on but mistakenly put each others clothes. Now everybody knows exactly what they were doing. ;) (Wink) 
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I gotta say, it is very amusing to see them wearing each other's clothes. Kitty* looks cute with that awkward smile. lol

Edit: Wow, what a typo! XD
Okay that is funny, plus I can take a hint at what those two were really doing in said closet.
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Oh yeah,  unfortunately everyone over at tuff hq came to the same conclusion.
Yeah, they are not fooling anybody.
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Oops. xD
Of course if it were like the show; Kitty wouldn't have pants since Dudley doesn't wear them. XD
ROFL! Dudley....that face. XD Ha ha ha ha.
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Now that would be hilarious! I bet Kitty is happy in this occasion
to not be running through the TUFF offices half naked trying to get
a new pair of clothes. XD
Yeah! LOL! If someone gives him a hug, his head will pop off. XD
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She may be in her black panties; but yes she's glad Dudley was wearing pants for once. XD
I'm sure some people here I know would love to see that happen to Dudley. :B Actually, he kind of looks like Crash Bandicoot after he got stung by bees.
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This drawing you've done of Kitty and Dudley wearing each others' outfits looks very nice, man! :D
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P.A.: Attention, attention: all agents are to be reminded that all agent relationships are to be strictly on a professional level. There is no room for romance among agents. Also, will the owner of the Aphrodite's Treasures spring 2008 black silk thong panties please report to the lost and found? You seem to have "lost" them in the janitor's closet. And will a "Puppy" please report to the lost and found as well? Your briefs underwear has been "lost" in the janitor's closet as well.
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Oh, man! This is perfect!!! I mean I can see this happening when
Kitty and Dudley are at the breaking point of telling people nothing
happened in the janitor's closet. Just when they're about to yell
"NOTHING HAPPENED!!!" The PA goes off and after everyone looks
at them with a sly look and grin on their faces and Kitty and Dudley
put on forced smiles and slowly back away and then sprint towards
the lost and found to avoid more embarrassment.
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Thank you, thank you!
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Hehe, we ALL know what they were doing
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We sure do! But Kitty and Dudley are sticking to their story.
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Well they're sticking to their story no matter how much it
looks like something else. Giggle 
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Oh, boy.

I hate it when this happens. :XD:
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Looks like Dudley's clothing is too big for Kitty to wear as well as Kitty's clothing is too tight for Dudley to wear! XD :D (Big Grin) 
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Yeah if she wasn't holding Dudley's clothes up they would fall right
off of her. ;) (Wink)  And Dudley needs get out of Kitty's clothes or else his
head might pop off.
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Oh man, that might have happened to Kitty revealing her undies and Dudley needs to stop wearing tight clothing! XD 
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