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Wardrobe Malfunction 2

A continuation of Right in the Kisser Right in the Kisser by Zigwolf and this as well Wardrobe Malfunction by Zigwolf

After a long night of Christmas partying and Eggnog drinking, Kitty and Dudley back come to work hungover and slightly confused with each other's christmas clothes on and signs of something else going on after they left the party. When Chief comes to ask why they look that way, Kitty doesn't want to admit the truth and tells Dudley he doesn't have to say anything either.

Got this idea from an episode of The Muppets where a hungover Bunsen and Beaker have each others clothes on and Kermit asked why that is and Bunsen tells Beaker that if it happened outside of work, they don't owe him an explanation.…
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Excelent je je
TheDogwhitaTail's avatar

Great job zig ^^
TheDogwhitaTail's avatar
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Hahahhhhahahhahahha!!! So- pffftt!!! Hahaha! So...So Dudley actually got some kiss down there, huh? From how red the imprint is, it was one hell of a kiss!
Zigwolf's avatar
Yup, he's got that Dudley charm to make stuff like this happen.
ArtWorks2754's avatar
That's very nice!
ArtWorks2754's avatar
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This drawing you've done of Kitty and Dudley in such a moment looks very nice as well, man. ;)
CaseyDecker's avatar
You're welcome as always. ;)
KingShovelton's avatar
That kiss mark on his underwear, tho. lol
Zigwolf's avatar
Ha! I'm so glad some one caught that little detail. =P (Razz) 
KingShovelton's avatar
After where Dudley placed that mistletoe, it didn't take long to notice the mark. XD

A very funny and great Christmas drawing you have here!
Eli-J-Brony's avatar
Hehe. Quite interesting.
Mister-Crool's avatar
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Like the americans say.
Zigwolf's avatar
As person who lived in Vegas, I can tell you this is true.
IronBloodAika's avatar
Huh, so I guess she couldn't resist the allure of mistletoe.
Zigwolf's avatar
Well after a swift Mistlefoot to his behind, Dudley managed to turn it around with his charm.
IronBloodAika's avatar
Faleu's avatar
What happens outside of work, stays outside of work ;)
bbb35's avatar
:rofl: Epic. Love it :D
TheCopyUniverseTCU's avatar
Ah, eggnog. Potent stuff if you aren't careful.
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