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Never Sleep with a Vampire

They drain you twice as fast.

So this is Dudley's first encounter with Lady Malmsteen who hasn't gotten "any" in over two centuries and Dudley is the perfect prey to slake her lust.
This is the aftermath of their bedroom romp, Dudley is drained of fluids and needs and IV drip and water jug to try and recover but Malsteen is over his shoulder, raring to go again. Though I'm not sure Dudley can survive another 10 hours of this horny bat. XD

If you haven't seen my status update, I'll let you now that you can see this and other mature pictures come out earlier at my furaffinity account…

Lady Malmsteen belongs to :iconshinragod:
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juliano15's avatar

This could lead to a love triangle

JasonVoorheesfurry's avatar
:v let the man heal woman!


Reminds me of me and my wife to be honest :v
Zigwolf's avatar
That vampire stamina is truly something to be feared in bed.

TailsandSpike4EX's avatar
There's a lesson in this somewhere....but darned if I know what it is.
JasonVoorheesfurry's avatar
Vampires are scary, though so many powers seems to come with a lot of weaknesses.

:V yeah that and my wife ... maybe she's a vampire >:V

That'd explain thing like ... -thinks- ... nothing at all.
Helixdude's avatar
Can we swap places Dudley?
Zigwolf's avatar
I think all of us wish we could.
Helixdude's avatar
We'll tag team.
Zigwolf's avatar
Malmsteen is sure to love that.
Helixdude's avatar
Or I'll take Dudley's place entirely, he doesn't seem that eager anyway.
Zigwolf's avatar
Go ahead, I think Dudley is about ready to get outta there and ice his entire crotch.
Helixdude's avatar
Move over hound, this bat's gonna get struck by some thunder from down under.
fox-mccloud's avatar
If there's anyone who could endure a whole night of lovemaking, it would be this one's TUFF Puppy character, because he's completely in love with the Lady. :P Funny how Dudley is freaking out after the first session. Gotta love the evil face on the sexy bat, as well. She's a Gothic beauty. :heart:
Zigwolf's avatar
Dudley might be able to survive it but when a round of sex is ten hours long, I think anyone would be wanting to cuddle after instead of having another go.
fox-mccloud's avatar
Heh, this one's TUFF persona is a field agent in his own respect, trained in search-and-rescue, but has never teamed up with Dudley and Kitty, yet knows of their prestige. He could endure ten hours of lovemaking (as opposed to having sex), because his will is as hard as his heart is as pure as a diamond. :) He even dresses like Alucard to give the Lady cause for fangirling over her most beloved fictional vampire. :P
Zigwolf's avatar
Damn, that sounds like the perfect guy for Malmsteen.
fox-mccloud's avatar
Just ask her creator. He might agree. Agent Kei's heart is strong in his love for the Lady. :)
Zigwolf's avatar
Yup, Dudley is in serious trouble. XD 
spock2001's avatar
I wish you to draw Lady Malmsteen naked in bed , because i am stoned right now I am a dummy!  .
Zigwolf's avatar
I'm betting Dudley is wishing right about now that he didn't skip stamina training at work.
TheDogwhitaTail's avatar
I don't think training it's gonna save him from this one XD
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