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smpl bathroom

smpl bathroom design

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2nd View:[link]


cinema4d + vrayforc4d + paintshop pro
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Some good ideas there, for example the high windows that prevents people from attempting to jumping out trough the window when the flatulence gets too bad. =)

Joking, preventing anyone on the outside from looking in of course, but still providing light from the outside and yes indeed - can be opened if something smelly have happened in there. =)
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Could we use your bathroom environment file for a render for a competition we are entering?
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so inspirational :)
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I like it! this is really nice. It looks a little flat though. But you really got a smooth feeling into it. Nice nice!
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Very nice! I'm doing my first interior model :D.
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Really clean render. Congtrs..
I think it needs a camera correction.
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thx :) ive read about it but i cant figure out whats the meaning "camera correction"? can u explain it for me pls? :)
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I've never use cinema4d but I think there is physical camera in vrayfor4d too.
"Vertical shift (Camera Correction;
Using this parameter you can archive the so called "2 point perspective". To have that done automatically, use the Guess vertical shift button."
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dont got it i think :(

vray >[link]

vrayforc4 >[link]

i don´t know :(
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"Lens shift" is the same parametre but not automatic, manuel.
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thank you my friend, i will try and look more closely to my scenes ;)
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no problem pal ;) keep going..
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The warmth of the room is awesome, high windows are a good touch. Render is as always clean and lighting well executed. :)
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thx for ure words m8 :)
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Really beautiful! ^^
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Very well done!

Did you use cloth simulation for the towel?
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you can use c4ds clothilde for it but i used archmodels ;)
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Ah, well. Thanks for the explanation. I was really curious. :handshake:
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This is amazing, love the tones used and truly beautiful design.
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