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clean bedroom

done after google pic reference
tried something new

just raw render but i like it :)

art by:

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It looks pretty good! Although it's hard to believe that there are such clean bedrooms. Mine looks like this except after cleaning the employees from the service Real professionals work there. Even my landfill is being made into a habitable room. And it happens that I spend a whole week almost not leaving the house because I am busy with an important project. And then a lot of dishes, paper, and other things accumulate there. By the way, you could add more dark accents to the walls. This way, the room will look more harmonious.

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appreaciate this kind of low design bed, close to the ground, the natural tree materials are beautiful. Would prefer a more cozy wall though. 
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how hard is it to make this :O Im new at this stuff and I was wondering how long it would take.
I likez this c:3
perfect :)
bedroom for me :)
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Ich liebe diese komplette konzept! Es sieht provisorisch aus und dennoch bis ins kleinste detail durchdacht. einfach großartig =)
Hey, i really like this picture, it is such a good view. i was wondering if i may use it for some of my works ? Ofc you will get credits for the render.
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wonderful work! is this really 3D?? it looks fucking real! absolutely worth watchin it :)
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Danke :)
Ja ist es
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Excellent work… Keep it up!
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Nice man, I love the plant!
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so nice and clean! :nod:
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is this maxwell render? if it isnt, can you tell me what it is?
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Not bad, i would just do something about the bed material, i mean that wood mapping is a lot different then that on the shelves. Besides that cool. ;)
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Damn I hate you. :D Looks great!
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came out real nice... and just like the name says .. clean...... i like it
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very nice, I like it a lot!
just missing a closet.
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woww.. cool... :D
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Sehr schön, da bekommt man glatt Lust, sich reinzulegen.
starke Gallerie btw.!
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I like it too. Great lighting.


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