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Here we go?

Okey so i'm new at making vectors, but though i would be awsome to join this group!

So here is my 4 vectors:





Program used: Inkscape

Hope to hear from you soon! :) (Smile)

Hello Zigrass, and thank you for your interest in MLP-VectorClub!  I apologize for the delay in processing.

You've done a good job with these! There are some small errors that are quite common for those just starting out. You'll have to fix these up before we can accept your membership request.

Bullet colors refer to these marked up versions of your images:…………
Bullet; Red Stroke width inconsistencies and/or line errors
- Air: Make the hooves a bit more rounded. Same with the marked area of the ear.
- Scene: Missing teeth stroke, and teeth stroke is too thin.
- Too Loud: Lumpy eyebrow. Use strokes with tapers. Missing teeth stroke?
Bullet; Orange Fill and/or layer errors
Bullet; Yellow Bad and/or missing tapers
Bullet; Green Eyes need the ellipse tool and/or other eye issue:
- Rarity: You're missing the eye line. The pupil is also very strange.
Bullet; Blue On a sharp location: Needs to be smoothed and/or too many nodes
- Air: A little lumpy. Try to smooth.
- Rarity: It looks like you used about 5 nodes on the haunch. It can be done in 2 or 3. Always try to use the fewest possible nodes for the smoothest lines.
Bullet; Blue On a smooth location: Needs to be sharp
- Rarity: The marked locations in the hair should be sharp nodes.
- Too Loud: Teeth stroke should probably be straight.
Bullet; Purple Miter and/or alignment errors</s>
Bullet; Pink Color and/or General strange-ness: 
- Rarity: Tear colors...surely not.... It doesn't look right regardless of the color though. Try to find some more references.
- Rarity: Tail gradient goes dark too soon.
- Too Loud: Might want to make this the background color.
(Please let me know if something needs further explanation. If you’re color blind, please let me know and I’ll make a non-color version.)

Once you fix these up, please let me know with a comment here. If the join request expires before you get a chance, submit a new request when it's done :) (Smile)

If you have any questions or need help/advice/critique, you can always send a private message to myself or another one of our Vector Inspectors.  We are more than willing to help you learn/improve. You are also more than welcome to join our private forum at VIs and members are available to answer questions in a more relaxed setting there.


Zigrass 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

First of all THX A LOT!. for spending time helping me improve my work <3! it really means a lot for me!

- Scene

But anyway, Belive it or not, i never knew ponies had a teeth stork xD, but there you see, you learn something new everyday ^^. so I just make the teeth stroke, and the one on the "edges?" a little bigger and hope that was what you meant :) (Smile) if not, just say.

there was too come circles around the back leg. I wasen't 100% sure what it was so I just changed what I though was wrong. hope it was the right thing, if not, just say.

- Air

Nothing much to say I guess. I tryed fix as much as possible not really any problems I guess? but ofc if I have done something wrong, it might be a problem ^^ but else...

- Rarity

So I fixed as much as possible. and its not hard to see it was my first vector... but I have tryed fix the Tears as best as I could, but i'm really not sure how I should make them?

- Loud

At the Eyebrow im not really sure how to make it?, cuz how I made it, was how it looked on the orignal picture. Ofc I though it looked extremely weird. but yeah, I tryed fix it? not sure if this was how you wanted/how it is suppose to look like.


Once again thx a lot for taking time!

and if i missed anything or something i made "wrong" plzz say.
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