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Tried something different with the hair on this one. Didn't really work, but overall it turned out OK I guess. :)

P.S. I'm still around, just haven't been finishing anything lately.
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I love your work! keep it up!😍

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damn this looks good, very well made!

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jackloy123's avatar

yess a new tg !! thank youuu

zigpron's avatar

I'm happy to share!

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glad ya like it!

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wow, super tg animation!

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Zig!! Haven't seen you in ages. Your work is gorgeous as always. I love you the body softens, tightens, then fills out in all the right places. Glad to have you back.

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Thanks! I'm still around, just haven't had anything finished to post for so long. :)

So sexy transformation. After many days. Can you please draw transformation of old man to sexy hot blonde busty babe ?

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Sorry, but I don't have age morphs or plans to get any.

Amazing tranformation would u do one where the guy is in alot of pain on his face until he is a women the way please

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I'm not into S&M but I felt like this one looked a bit more intense feeling

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Your animations are really a cut above the rest, missed seeing your work here

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Thank you! I haven't quit making animations, although I haven't been very good at finishing them in a while. :D

IMO this one still has a couple problems, but I decided to release it as-is since I hadn't posted in so long.

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That sounds like being an artist in a nutshell

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What a wonderful animation! I love that you featured the front changing, then the back so we got to see both. :D

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Thanks, glad ya enjoy!

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